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John 13:1-38

13  Πρὸ Before δὲ butτῆς theἑορτῆς festivalτοῦ of theπάσχα passoverεἰδὼς knowingtheἸησοῦς Jesusὅτι thatἦλθεν cameαὐτοῦ of himtheὥρα hourἵνα in order thatμεταβῇ he might transferἐκ out ofτοῦ theκόσμου worldτούτου thisπρὸς towardτὸν theπατέρα Fatherἀγαπήσας having lovedτοὺς theἰδίους ownτοὺς the (ones)ἐν inτῷ theκόσμῳ worldεἰς intoτέλος endἠγάπησεν he lovedαὐτούς. them. 2  Καὶ And δείπνου of supperγινομένου, occurring,τοῦ of theδιαβόλου Devilἤδη alreadyβεβληκότος having thrownεἰς intoτὴν theκαρδίαν heartἵνα in order thatπαραδοῖ should give besideαὐτὸν himἸούδας JudasΣίμωνος of SimonἸσκαριώτης, Iscariot, 3  εἰδὼς having known ὅτι thatπάντα all (things)ἔδωκεν gaveαὐτῷ to himtheπατὴρ Fatherεἰς intoτὰς theχεῖρας, hands,καὶ andὅτι thatἀπὸ fromθεοῦ Godἐξῆλθεν came outκαὶ andπρὸς towardτὸν theθεὸν Godὑπάγει, he is going under, 4  ἐγείρεται he gets up ἐκ out ofτοῦ theδείπνου supperκαὶ andτίθησιν he placesτὰ theἱμάτια, outer garments,καὶ andλαβὼν having takenλέντιον towelδιέζωσεν he girdedἑαυτόν· himself; 5  εἶτα afterward βάλλει he is throwingὕδωρ waterεἰς intoτὸν theνιπτῆρα, washbasin,καὶ andἤρξατο he startedνίπτειν to be washingτοὺς theπόδας feetτῶν of theμαθητῶν disciplesκαὶ andἐκμάσσειν to be wiping offτῷ to theλεντίῳ towelto whichἦν he wasδιεζωσμένος. having been girded. 6  ἔρχεται He is coming οὖν thereforeπρὸς towardΣίμωνα SimonΠέτρον. Peter.λέγει He is sayingαὐτῷ to himΚύριε, Lord,σύ youμου of meνίπτεις are washingτοὺς theπόδας; feet? 7  ἀπεκρίθη Answered Ἰησοῦς Jesusκαὶ andεἶπεν he saidαὐτῷ to himWhichἐγὼ Iποιῶ am doingσὺ youοὐκ notοἶδας have knownἄρτι, right now,γνώσῃ you will knowδὲ butμετὰ afterταῦτα. these (things). 8  λέγει Is saying αὐτῷ to himΠέτρος PeterΟὐ Notμὴ notνίψῃς you should washμου of meτοὺς theπόδας feetεἰς intoτὸν theαἰῶνα. age.ἀπεκρίθη AnsweredἸησοῦς Jesusαὐτῷ to him᾿Εὰν If everμὴ notνίψω I should washσε, you,οὐκ notἔχεις you are havingμέρος partμετ’ withἐμοῦ. me. 9  λέγει Is saying αὐτῷ to himΣίμων SimonΠέτρος PeterΚύριε, Lord,μὴ notτοὺς theπόδας feetμου of meμόνον onlyἀλλὰ butκαὶ alsoτὰς theχεῖρας handsκαὶ andτὴν theκεφαλήν. head. 10  λέγει Is saying αὐτῷ to himἸησοῦς JesusThe (one)λελουμένος having been bathedοὐκ notἔχει is havingχρείαν needεἰ ifμὴ notτοὺς theπόδας feetνίψασθαι, to get washed,ἀλλ’ butἔστιν he isκαθαρὸς cleanὅλος· whole;καὶ andὑμεῖς YOUκαθαροί clean (ones)ἐστε, YOU are,ἀλλ’ butοὐχὶ notπάντες. all (ones). 11  ᾔδει He had known γὰρ forτὸν the (one)παραδιδόντα giving besideαὐτόν· him;διὰ throughτοῦτο thisεἶπεν he saidὅτι thatΟὐχὶ Notπάντες allκαθαροί clean (ones)ἐστε. YOU are. 12  Ὅτε When οὖν thereforeἔνιψεν he washedτοὺς theπόδας feetαὐτῶν of themκαὶ andἔλαβεν he tookτὰ theἱμάτια outer garmentsαὐτοῦ of himκαὶ andἀνέπεσεν, he fell upward,πάλιν againεἶπεν he saidαὐτοῖς to themΓινώσκετε Are YOU knowingτί whatπεποίηκα I have doneὑμῖν; to YOU? 13  ὑμεῖς YOU φωνεῖτέ are sounding toμε meTheδιδάσκαλος Teacher,καὶ andTheκύριος, Lord,καὶ andκαλῶς finelyλέγετε, YOU are saying,εἰμὶ I amγάρ. for. 14  εἰ If οὖν thereforeἐγὼ Iἔνιψα washedὑμῶν of YOUτοὺς theπόδας feettheκύριος Lordκαὶ andtheδιδάσκαλος, Teacher,καὶ alsoὑμεῖς YOUὀφείλετε are owingἀλλήλων of one anotherνίπτειν to be washingτοὺς theπόδας· feet; 15  ὑπόδειγμα pattern γὰρ forἔδωκα I gaveὑμῖν to YOUἵνα in order thatκαθὼς according asἐγὼ Iἐποίησα didὑμῖν to YOUκαὶ alsoὑμεῖς YOUποιῆτε. may be doing. 16  ἀμὴν Amen ἀμὴν amenλέγω I am sayingὑμῖν, to YOU,οὐκ notἔστιν isδοῦλος slaveμείζων greaterτοῦ of theκυρίου lordαὐτοῦ of himοὐδὲ norἀπόστολος apostleμείζων greaterτοῦ of the (one)πέμψαντος having sentαὐτόν. him. 17  εἰ If ταῦτα these (things)οἴδατε, YOU have known,μακάριοί happyἐστε YOU areἐὰν if everποιῆτε YOU may be doingαὐτά. them. 18  οὐ Not περὶ aboutπάντων allὑμῶν of YOUλέγω· I am saying;ἐγὼ Iοἶδα have knownτίνας whomἐξελεξάμην· I chose;ἀλλ’ butἵνα in order thattheγραφὴ scriptureπληρωθῇ might be fulfilledThe (one)τρώγων munchingμου of meτὸν theἄρτον breadἐπῆρεν he lifted upἐπ’ uponἐμὲ meτὴν theπτέρναν heelαὐτοῦ. of him. 19  ἀπ’ From ἄρτι right nowλέγω I am sayingὑμῖν to YOUπρὸ beforeτοῦ theγενέσθαι, to occur,ἵνα in order thatπιστεύητε YOU may be believingὅταν whenγένηται it should occurὅτι thatἐγώ Iεἰμι. am. 20  ἀμὴν Amen ἀμὴν amenλέγω I am sayingὑμῖν, to YOU,the (one)λαμβάνων receivingἄν likelyτινα anyoneπέμψω I should sendἐμὲ meλαμβάνει, he is receiving,the (one)δὲ butἐμὲ meλαμβάνων receivingλαμβάνει is receivingτὸν the (one)πέμψαντά having sentμε. me. 21  Ταῦτα These (things) εἰπὼν having saidἸησοῦς Jesusἐταράχθη became troubledτῷ to theπνεύματι spiritκαὶ andἐμαρτύρησεν he bore witnessκαὶ andεἶπεν said᾿Αμὴν Amenἀμὴν amenλέγω I am sayingὑμῖν to YOUὅτι thatεἷς oneἐξ out ofὑμῶν YOUπαραδώσει will give besideμε. me. 22  ἔβλεπον Were looking εἰς intoἀλλήλους one anotherοἱ theμαθηταὶ disciplesἀπορούμενοι being at lossπερὶ aboutτίνος whomλέγει. he is saying. 23  ἦν Was ἀνακείμενος lying upwardεἷς oneἐκ out ofτῶν theμαθητῶν disciplesαὐτοῦ of himἐν inτῷ theκόλπῳ bosomτοῦ of theἸησοῦ, Jesus,ὃν whomἠγάπα was lovingtheἸησοῦς· Jesus; 24  νεύει is nodding οὖν thereforeτούτῳ to this (one)Σίμων SimonΠέτρος Peterκαὶ andλέγει is sayingαὐτῷ to himΕἰπὲ Sayτίς whoἐστιν it isπερὶ aboutοὗ whomλέγει. he is saying. 25  ἀναπεσὼν Having fallen upward ἐκεῖνος that (one)οὕτως thusἐπὶ uponτὸ theστῆθος breastτοῦ of theἸησοῦ Jesusλέγει he is sayingαὐτῷ to himΚύριε, Lord,τίς whoἐστιν; is it? 26  ἀποκρίνεται Is answering οὖν thereforetheἸησοῦς Jesus᾿Εκεῖνός That (one)ἐστιν it isto whomἐγὼ Iβάψω shall dipτὸ theψωμίον morselκαὶ andδώσω I shall giveαὐτῷ· to him;βάψας having dippedοὖν thereforeτὸ theψωμίον morselλαμβάνει he is takingκαὶ andδίδωσιν he is givingἸούδᾳ to JudasΣίμωνος of SimonἸσκαριώτου. of Iscariot. 27  καὶ And μετὰ afterτὸ theψωμίον morselτότε thenεἰσῆλθεν enteredεἰς intoἐκεῖνον that (one)theΣατανᾶς. Satan.λέγει Is sayingοὖν thereforeαὐτῷ to himἸησοῦς JesusWhatποιεῖς you are doingποίησον doτάχειον. more quickly. 28  τοῦτο This (thing) δὲ butοὐδεὶς no oneἔγνω knewτῶν of the (ones)ἀνακειμένων lying upwardπρὸς towardτί whatεἶπεν he saidαὐτῷ· to him; 29  τινὲς some γὰρ forἐδόκουν, were thinking,ἐπεὶ sinceτὸ theγλωσσόκομον [money] boxεἶχεν was havingἸούδας, Judas,ὅτι thatλέγει is sayingαὐτῷ to himἸησοῦς Jesus᾿Αγόρασον Buyὧν of which (things)χρείαν needἔχομεν we are havingεἰς intoτὴν theἑορτήν, festival,orτοῖς to the (ones)πτωχοῖς poorἵνα in order thatτι somethingδῷ. he should give. 30  λαβὼν Having received οὖν thereforeτὸ theψωμίον morselἐκεῖνος that (one)ἐξῆλθεν went outεὐθύς· at once;ἦν it wasδὲ butνύξ. night. 31  Ὅτε When οὖν thereforeἐξῆλθεν he went outλέγει is sayingἸησοῦς JesusΝῦν Nowἐδοξάσθη was glorifiedtheυἱὸς Sonτοῦ of theἀνθρώπου, man,καὶ andtheθεὸς Godἐδοξάσθη was glorifiedἐν inαὐτῷ· him; 32  καὶ and theθεὸς Godδοξάσει will glorifyαὐτὸν himἐν inαὑτῷ, himself,καὶ andεὐθὺς at onceδοξάσει he will glorifyαὐτόν. him. 33  Τεκνία, Little children, ἔτι yetμικρὸν little (while)μεθ’ withὑμῶν YOUεἰμί· I am;ζητήσετέ YOU will seekμε, me,καὶ andκαθὼς according asεἶπον I saidτοῖς to theἸουδαίοις Jewsὅτι thatὍπου Whereἐγὼ Iὑπάγω am going underὑμεῖς YOUοὐ notδύνασθε are ableἐλθεῖν, to come,καὶ andὑμῖν to YOUλέγω I am sayingἄρτι. right now. 34  ἐντολὴν Commandment καινὴν newδίδωμι I am givingὑμῖν to YOUἵνα in order thatἀγαπᾶτε YOU may loveἀλλήλους, one another,καθὼς according asἠγάπησα I lovedὑμᾶς YOUἵνα in order thatκαὶ alsoὑμεῖς YOUἀγαπᾶτε may loveἀλλήλους. one another. 35  ἐν In τούτῳ thisγνώσονται they will knowπάντες allὅτι thatἐμοὶ myμαθηταί disciplesἐστε, YOU are,ἐὰν if everἀγάπην loveἔχητε YOU may be havingἐν inἀλλήλοις. one another. 36  Λέγει Is saying αὐτῷ to himΣίμων SimonΠέτρος PeterΚύριε, Lord,ποῦ whereὑπάγεις; are you going under?ἀπεκρίθη AnsweredἸησοῦς JesusὍπου Whereὑπάγω I am going underοὐ notδύνασαί you are ableμοι to meνῦν nowἀκολουθῆσαι, to follow,ἀκολουθήσεις you will followδὲ butὕστερον. later. 37  λέγει Is saying αὐτῷ to himtheΠέτρος PeterΚύριε, Lord,διὰ throughτί whatοὐ notδύναμαί am I ableσοι to youἀκολουθεῖν to be followingἄρτι; right now?τὴν Theψυχήν soulμου of meὑπὲρ overσοῦ youθήσω. I will put. 38  ἀποκρίνεται Is answering Ἰησοῦς JesusΤὴν Theψυχήν soulσου of youὑπὲρ overἐμοῦ meθήσεις; you will put?ἀμὴν Amenἀμὴν amenλέγω I am sayingσοι, to you,οὐ notμὴ notἀλέκτωρ cockφωνήσῃ should soundἕως untilοὗ which [time]ἀρνήσῃ you should disownμε meτρίς. three times.