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Hebrews 10:1-39

10  Σκιὰν Shadow γὰρ forἔχων havingtheνόμος lawτῶν of theμελλόντων being about (to come)ἀγαθῶν, good (things),οὐκ notαὐτὴν veryτὴν theεἰκόνα imageτῶν of theπραγμάτων, things,κατ’ according toἐνιαυτὸν yearταῖς to theαὐταῖς veryθυσίαις sacrificesἃς whichπροσφέρουσιν they are bearing towardεἰς intoτὸ theδιηνεκὲς carrying throughοὐδέποτε neverδύνανται they are ableτοὺς the (ones)προσερχομένους coming towardτελειῶσαι· to perfect; 2  ἐπεὶ since οὐκ notἂν likelyἐπαύσαντο they ceasedπροσφερόμεναι, being borne toward,διὰ throughτὸ theμηδεμίαν not (one)ἔχειν to be havingἔτι yetσυνείδησιν consciousnessἁμαρτιῶν of sinsτοὺς the (ones)λατρεύοντας rendering sacred serviceἅπαξ once for allκεκαθαρισμένους; having been cleansed? 3  ἀλλ’ But ἐν inαὐταῖς themἀνάμνησις remembranceἁμαρτιῶν of sinsκατ’ according toἐνιαυτόν, year, 4  ἀδύνατον impossible γὰρ forαἷμα bloodταύρων of bullsκαὶ andτράγων of goatsἀφαιρεῖν to be taking offἁμαρτίας. sins. 5  Διὸ Through which εἰσερχόμενος enteringεἰς intoτὸν theκόσμον worldλέγει he is sayingΘυσίαν Sacrificeκαὶ andπροσφορὰν offeringοὐκ notἠθέλησας, you wanted,σῶμα bodyδὲ butκατηρτίσω you adjusted downμοι· to me; 6  ὁλοκαυτώματα whole burnt offerings καὶ andπερὶ aboutἁμαρτίας sinοὐκ notεὐδόκησας. you thought well of. 7  τότε Then εἶπον I saidἸδοὺ Look!ἥκω, I am come,ἐν inκεφαλίδι headingβιβλίου of little bookγέγραπται it has been writtenπερὶ aboutἐμοῦ, me,τοῦ of theποιῆσαι, to do,theθεός, God,τὸ theθέλημά willσου. of you. 8  ἀνώτερον More upward λέγων sayingὅτι thatΘυσίας Sacrificesκαὶ andπροσφορὰς offeringsκαὶ andὁλοκαυτώματα whole burnt offeringsκαὶ andπερὶ aboutἁμαρτίας sinοὐκ notἠθέλησας you willedοὐδὲ norεὐδόκησας, you thought well of,αἵτινες whichκατὰ according toνόμον Lawπροσφέρονται, are being borne toward, 9  τότε then εἴρηκεν he has saidἸδοὺ Look!ἥκω I am comeτοῦ of theποιῆσαι to doτὸ theθέλημά willσου· of you;ἀναιρεῖ he is taking upτὸ theπρῶτον firstἵνα in order thatτὸ theδεύτερον secondστήσῃ. he should make stand. 10  ἐν In whichθελήματι willἡγιασμένοι having been sanctifiedἐσμὲν we areδιὰ throughτῆς theπροσφορᾶς offeringτοῦ of theσώματος bodyἸησοῦ of JesusΧριστοῦ Christἐφάπαξ. upon one time. 11  Καὶ And πᾶς everyμὲν indeedἱερεὺς priestἕστηκεν has stoodκαθ’ according toἡμέραν dayλειτουργῶν rendering public workκαὶ andτὰς theαὐτὰς veryπολλάκις many timesπροσφέρων bearing towardθυσίας, sacrifices,αἵτινες whichοὐδέποτε neverδύνανται are ableπεριελεῖν to take from aroundἁμαρτίας. sins. 12  οὗτος This (one) δὲ butμίαν oneὑπὲρ overἁμαρτιῶν sinsπροσενέγκας having borne towardθυσίαν sacrificeεἰς intoτὸ theδιηνεκὲς carrying throughἐκάθισεν he sat downἐν inδεξιᾷ right [hand]τοῦ of theθεοῦ, God, 13  τὸ the λοιπὸν leftover (thing)ἐκδεχόμενος receiving outἕως untilτεθῶσιν should be putοἱ theἐχθροὶ enemiesαὐτοῦ of himὑποπόδιον footstoolτῶν of theποδῶν feetαὐτοῦ, of him, 14  μιᾷ to one γὰρ forπροσφορᾷ offeringτετελείωκεν he has perfectedεἰς intoτὸ theδιηνεκὲς carrying throughτοὺς the (ones)ἁγιαζομένους. being sanctified. 15  Μαρτυρεῖ Is bearing witness δὲ butἡμῖν to usκαὶ alsoτὸ theπνεῦμα spiritτὸ theἅγιον, holy,μετὰ afterγὰρ forτὸ theεἰρηκέναι to have said 16  Αὕτη This theδιαθήκη covenantἣν whichδιαθήσομαι I shall covenant for selfπρὸς towardαὐτούς themμετὰ afterτὰς theἡμέρας daysἐκείνας, those,λέγει is sayingΚύριος, Lord,διδοὺς givingνόμους lawsμου of meἐπὶ uponκαρδίας heartsαὐτῶν, of them,καὶ andἐπὶ uponτὴν theδιάνοιαν mental perceptionαὐτῶν of themἐπιγράψω I shall write uponαὐτούς,— them,— 17  Καὶ And τῶν of theἁμαρτιῶν sinsαὐτῶν of themκαὶ andτῶν of theἀνομιῶν lawlessnessesαὐτῶν of themοὐ notμὴ notμνησθήσομαι I shall rememberἔτι· yet; 18  ὅπου where δὲ butἄφεσις letting go offτούτων, of these,οὐκέτι not yetπροσφορὰ offeringπερὶ aboutἁμαρτίας. sin. 19  Ἔχοντες Having οὖν, therefore,ἀδελφοί, brothers,παρρησίαν outspokennessεἰς intoτὴν theεἴσοδον way intoτῶν of theἁγίων holiesἐν inτῷ theαἵματι bloodἸησοῦ, of Jesus, 20  ἣν which ἐνεκαίνισεν he innovatedἡμῖν to usὁδὸν wayπρόσφατον freshly slaughteredκαὶ andζῶσαν livingδιὰ throughτοῦ theκαταπετάσματος, curtain,τοῦτ’ thisἔστιν isτῆς of theσαρκὸς fleshαὐτοῦ, of him, 21  καὶ and ἱερέα priestμέγαν greatἐπὶ uponτὸν theοἶκον houseτοῦ of theθεοῦ, God, 22  προσερχώμεθα may we be approaching μετὰ withἀληθινῆς trueκαρδίας heartἐν inπληροφορίᾳ fully being borneπίστεως, of faith,ῥεραντισμένοι [we] having been sprinkledτὰς theκαρδίας heartsἀπὸ fromσυνειδήσεως conscienceπονηρᾶς wickedκαὶ andλελουσμένοι [we] having been bathedτὸ theσῶμα bodyὕδατι to waterκαθαρῷ· clean; 23  κατέχωμεν may we be holding down τὴν theὁμολογίαν confessionτῆς of theἐλπίδος hopeἀκλινῆ, not inclining,πιστὸς faithfulγὰρ forthe (one)ἐπαγγειλάμενος· having promised; 24  καὶ and κατανοῶμεν may we be minding downἀλλήλους one anotherεἰς intoπαροξυσμὸν sharpening besideἀγάπης of loveκαὶ andκαλῶν of fineἔργων, works, 25  μὴ not ἐγκαταλείποντες leaving down inτὴν theἐπισυναγωγὴν leading together uponἑαυτῶν, of selves,καθὼς according asἔθος customτισίν, to some (ones),ἀλλὰ butπαρακαλοῦντες, encouraging,καὶ andτοσούτῳ to so muchμᾶλλον ratherὅσῳ to how muchβλέπετε YOU look atἐγγίζουσαν drawing nearτὴν theἡμέραν. day. 26  Ἑκουσίως Willfully γὰρ forἁμαρτανόντων sinningἡμῶν of usμετὰ afterτὸ theλαβεῖν to receiveτὴν theἐπίγνωσιν accurate knowledgeτῆς of theἀληθείας, truth,οὐκέτι not yetπερὶ aboutἁμαρτιῶν sinsἀπολείπεται is being left offθυσία, sacrifice, 27  φοβερὰ fearful δέ butτις someἐκδοχὴ expectationκρίσεως of judgmentκαὶ andπυρὸς of fireζῆλος zealἐσθίειν to be eatingμέλλοντος being aboutτοὺς theὑπεναντίους. (ones) under-in-against. 28  ἀθετήσας Having put aside τις anyoneνόμον lawΜωυσέως of Mosesχωρὶς apart fromοἰκτιρμῶν compassionsἐπὶ uponδυσὶν twoorτρισὶν threeμάρτυσιν witnessesἀποθνήσκει· he is dying; 29  πόσῳ to how much δοκεῖτε are YOU thinkingχείρονος of worseἀξιωθήσεται will he be counted worthyτιμωρίας of punishmentthe (one)τὸν theυἱὸν Sonτοῦ of theθεοῦ Godκαταπατήσας, having trampled down,καὶ andτὸ theαἷμα bloodτῆς of theδιαθήκης covenantκοινὸν commonἡγησάμενος having esteemedἐν inwhichἡγιάσθη, he was sanctified,καὶ andτὸ theπνεῦμα spiritτῆς of theχάριτος undeserved kindnessἐνυβρίσας. having contemptuously outraged. 30  οἴδαμεν We have known γὰρ forτὸν the (one)εἰπόντα having said᾿Εμοὶ To meἐκδίκησις, vengeance,ἐγὼ Iἀνταποδώσω· will pay in return;καὶ andπάλιν againΚρινεῖ Will judgeΚύριος Lordτὸν theλαὸν peopleαὐτοῦ. of him. 31  φοβερὸν Fearful (thing) τὸ theἐμπεσεῖν to fall inεἰς intoχεῖρας handsθεοῦ of Godζῶντος. living. 32  ᾿Αναμιμνήσκεσθε Be remembering again δὲ butτὰς theπρότερον formerlyἡμέρας, days,ἐν inαἷς whichφωτισθέντες having been enlightenedπολλὴν muchἄθλησιν contestὑπεμείνατε YOU enduredπαθημάτων, of sufferings, 33  τοῦτο this μὲν indeedὀνειδισμοῖς to reproachesτε andκαὶ andθλίψεσιν to tribulationsθεατριζόμενοι, being exposed as in theater,τοῦτο thisδὲ butκοινωνοὶ sharersτῶν of the (ones)οὕτως thusἀναστρεφομένων turning selves back and forthγενηθέντες· having become; 34  καὶ and γὰρ forτοῖς to theδεσμίοις bound (ones)συνεπαθήσατε, YOU sympathized,καὶ andτὴν theἁρπαγὴν snatchingτῶν of theὑπαρχόντων belongingsὑμῶν of YOUμετὰ withχαρᾶς joyπροσεδέξασθε, YOU received toward,γινώσκοντες knowingἔχειν to be havingἑαυτοὺς selvesκρείσσονα betterὕπαρξιν propertyκαὶ andμένουσαν. remaining. 35  Μὴ Not ἀποβάλητε YOU should throw awayοὖν thereforeτὴν theπαρρησίαν outspokennessὑμῶν, of YOU,ἥτις whichἔχει is havingμεγάλην greatμισθαποδοσίαν, giving back of reward, 36  ὑπομονῆς of endurance γὰρ forἔχετε YOU are havingχρείαν needἵνα in order thatτὸ theθέλημα willτοῦ of theθεοῦ Godποιήσαντες having doneκομίσησθε YOU might carry off for selvesτὴν theἐπαγγελίαν· promise; 37  ἔτι yet γὰρ forμικρὸν littleὅσον how muchὅσον, how much,the (one)ἐρχόμενος comingἥξει will arriveκαὶ andοὐ notχρονίσει· he will be delaying; 38  the δὲ butδίκαιός righteous (one)μου of meἐκ out ofπίστεως faithζήσεται, will live,καὶ andἐὰν if everὑποστείληται, he should draw self under,οὐκ notεὐδοκεῖ is thinking welltheψυχή soulμου of meἐν inαὐτῷ. him. 39  ἡμεῖς We δὲ butοὐκ notἐσμὲν we areὑποστολῆς of drawing self underεἰς intoἀπώλειαν, destruction,ἀλλὰ butπίστεως of faithεἰς intoπεριποίησιν acquiringψυχῆς. of soul.