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Online Bible | The Kingdom Interlinear Translation of the Greek Scriptures

2 Timothy 3:1-17

3  Τοῦτο This δὲ butγίνωσκε be you knowingὅτι thatἐν inἐσχάταις lastἡμέραις daysἐνστήσονται will be standing inκαιροὶ appointed timesχαλεποί· fierce; 2  ἔσονται will be γὰρ forοἱ theἄνθρωποι menφίλαυτοι, fond of selves,φιλάργυροι, fond of silver,ἀλαζόνες, self-assuming,ὑπερήφανοι, superior-appearing,βλάσφημοι, blasphemers,γονεῦσιν to parentsἀπειθεῖς, disobedient,ἀχάριστοι, unthankful,ἀνόσιοι, disloyal, 3  ἄστοργοι, without natural affection, ἄσπονδοι, truceless,διάβολοι, devils,ἀκρατεῖς, without (self-)control,ἀνήμεροι, untamed,ἀφιλάγαθοι, not fond of goodness, 4  προδόται, betrayers, προπετεῖς, forward-falling,τετυφωμένοι, having been made to smoke up,φιλήδονοι fond of pleasuresμᾶλλον ratherthanφιλόθεοι, fond of God, 5  ἔχοντες having μόρφωσιν formεὐσεβείας of revering wellτὴν theδὲ butδύναμιν powerαὐτῆς of itἠρνημένοι· having denied;καὶ andτούτους theseἀποτρέπου. be turning yourself away from. 6  ἐκ Out of τούτων theseγάρ forεἰσιν areοἱ the (ones)ἐνδύνοντες slippingεἰς intoτὰς theοἰκίας housesκαὶ andαἰχμαλωτίζοντες leading captiveγυναικάρια little womenσεσωρευμένα having been heaped up withἁμαρτίαις, to sins,ἀγόμενα being ledἐπιθυμίαις to desiresποικίλαις, various, 7  πάντοτε always μανθάνοντα learningκαὶ andμηδέποτε neverεἰς intoἐπίγνωσιν accurate knowledgeἀληθείας of truthἐλθεῖν to comeδυνάμενα. being able. 8  ὃν What τρόπον mannerδὲ butἸαννῆς Jannesκαὶ andἸαμβρῆς Jambresἀντέστησαν stood againstΜωυσεῖ, to Moses,οὕτως thusκαὶ alsoοὗτοι theseἀνθίστανται are standing againstτῇ to theἀληθείᾳ, truth,ἄνθρωποι menκατεφθαρμένοι having been corrupted downτὸν theνοῦν, mind,ἀδόκιμοι disapprovedπερὶ aboutτὴν theπίστιν. faith. 9  ἀλλ’ But οὐ notπροκόψουσιν will they strike forwardἐπὶ uponπλεῖον, more,theγὰρ forἄνοια mindlessnessαὐτῶν of themἔκδηλος outwardly evidentἔσται will beπᾶσιν, to all (ones),ὡς asκαὶ alsotheἐκείνων of thoseἐγένετο. became. 10  Σὺ You δὲ butπαρηκολούθησάς you followed alongsideμου of meτῇ to theδιδασκαλίᾳ, teaching,τῇ to theἀγωγῇ, leading,τῇ to theπροθέσει, purpose,τῇ to theπίστει, faith,τῇ to theμακροθυμίᾳ, longness of spirit,τῇ to theἀγάπῃ, love,τῇ to theὑπομονῇ, endurance, 11  τοῖς to the διωγμοῖς, persecutions,τοῖς to theπαθήμασιν, sufferings,οἷά of what sortμοι to meἐγένετο it occurredἐν in᾿Αντιοχείᾳ, Antioch,ἐν inἸκονίῳ, Iconium,ἐν inΛύστροις, Lystra,οἵους what sort ofδιωγμοὺς persecutionsὑπήνεγκα· I bore under;καὶ andἐκ out ofπάντων all (ones)με meἐρύσατο drew for selftheκύριος. Lord. 12  καὶ And πάντες allδὲ butοἱ the (ones)θέλοντες willingζῇν to be livingεὐσεβῶς reverentially wellἐν inΧριστῷ ChristἸησοῦ Jesusδιωχθήσονται· they will be persecuted; 13  πονηροὶ wicked δὲ butἄνθρωποι menκαὶ andγόητες bewailersπροκόψουσιν will strike forwardἐπὶ uponτὸ theχεῖρον, worse,πλανῶντες making errκαὶ andπλανώμενοι. being made to err. 14  σὺ You δὲ butμένε be remainingἐν inοἷς what (things)ἔμαθες you learnedκαὶ andἐπιστώθης, you were persuaded to believe,εἰδὼς having knownπαρὰ besideτίνων of whomἔμαθες, you learned, 15  καὶ and ὅτι thatἀπὸ fromβρέφους infantἱερὰ sacredγράμματα writingsοἶδας, you have known,τὰ the (ones)δυνάμενά being ableσε youσοφίσαι to make wiseεἰς intoσωτηρίαν salvationδιὰ throughπίστεως faithτῆς theἐν inΧριστῷ ChristἸησοῦ· Jesus; 16  πᾶσα all γραφὴ Scriptureθεόπνευστος God-breathedκαὶ andὠφέλιμος beneficialπρὸς towardδιδασκαλίαν, teaching,πρὸς towardἐλεγμόν, reproving,πρὸς towardἐπανόρθωσιν, straightening up upon,πρὸς towardπαιδείαν disciplineτὴν theἐν inδικαιοσύνῃ, righteousness, 17  ἵνα in order that ἄρτιος fitmay betheτοῦ of theθεοῦ Godἄνθρωπος, man,πρὸς towardπᾶν everyἔργον workἀγαθὸν goodἐξηρτισμένος. having been fitted out.