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2 Thessalonians 2:1-17

2  ᾿Ερωτῶμεν We are requestingδὲ butὑμᾶς, YOU,ἀδελφοί, brothers,ὑπὲρ overτῆς theπαρουσίας presenceτοῦ of theκυρίου Lordἡμῶν of usἸησοῦ JesusΧριστοῦ Christκαὶ andἡμῶν of usἐπισυναγωγῆς being led together uponἐπ’ uponαὐτόν, him, 2  εἰς intoτὸ theμὴ notταχέως quicklyσαλευθῆναι to be shakenὑμᾶς YOUἀπὸ fromτοῦ theνοὸς mindμηδὲ norθροεῖσθαι to be being scaredμήτε norδιὰ throughπνεύματος spiritμήτε norδιὰ throughλόγου wordμήτε norδι’ throughἐπιστολῆς letterὡς asδι’ throughἡμῶν, us,ὡς asὅτι thatἐνέστηκεν has stood intheἡμέρα dayτοῦ of theκυρίου. Lord. 3  μή Notτις anyoneὑμᾶς YOUἐξαπατήσῃ should seduceκατὰ according toμηδένα not anyτρόπον· manner;ὅτι becauseἐὰν if everμὴ notἔλθῃ should cometheἀποστασία apostasyπρῶτον firstκαὶ andἀποκαλυφθῇ should be revealedtheἄνθρωπος manτῆς of theἀνομίας, lawlessness,theυἱὸς sonτῆς of theἀπωλείας, destruction, 4  the (one)ἀντικείμενος lying againstκαὶ andὑπεραιρόμενος lifting up himself overἐπὶ uponπάντα everyoneλεγόμενον being saidθεὸν godorσέβασμα, object of reverence,ὥστε as-andαὐτὸν himεἰς intoτὸν theναὸν divine habitationτοῦ of theθεοῦ Godκαθίσαι, to sit down,ἀποδεικνύντα showing offἑαυτὸν himselfὅτι thatἔστιν he isθεός—. god—. 5  Οὐ Notμνημονεύετε YOU are rememberingὅτι thatἔτι yetὢν beingπρὸς towardὑμᾶς YOUταῦτα these (things)ἔλεγον I was sayingὑμῖν; to YOU? 6  καὶ Andνῦν nowτὸ the (thing)κατέχον holding downοἴδατε, YOU have known,εἰς intoτὸ theἀποκαλυφθῆναι to be revealedαὐτὸν himἐν inτῷ theαὐτοῦ of himκαιρῷ· appointed time; 7  τὸ theγὰρ forμυστήριον mysteryἤδη alreadyἐνεργεῖται is working withinτῆς of theἀνομίας· lawlessness;μόνον onlythe (one)κατέχων holding downἄρτι right nowἕως untilἐκ out ofμέσου midstγένηται. might come to be. 8  καὶ Andτότε thenἀποκαλυφθήσεται will be revealedtheἄνομος, lawless (one),ὃν whomtheκύριος LordἸησοῦς Jesusἀνελεῖ will take upτῷ to theπνεύματι spiritτοῦ of theστόματος mouthαὐτοῦ of himκαὶ andκαταργήσει will make ineffectiveτῇ to theἐπιφανείᾳ manifestationτῆς of theπαρουσίας presenceαὐτοῦ, of him, 9  οὗ of whomἐστὶν istheπαρουσία presenceκατ’ according toἐνέργειαν working withinτοῦ of theΣατανᾶ Satanἐν inπάσῃ allδυνάμει powerκαὶ andσημείοις to signsκαὶ andτέρασιν to portentsψεύδους of lie 10  καὶ andἐν inπάσῃ everyἀπάτῃ seductionἀδικίας of unrighteousnessτοῖς to the (ones)ἀπολλυμένοις, destroying themselves,ἀνθ’ instead ofὧν which (things)τὴν theἀγάπην loveτῆς of theἀληθείας truthοὐκ notἐδέξαντο they receivedεἰς intoτὸ theσωθῆναι to be savedαὐτούς· them; 11  καὶ andδιὰ throughτοῦτο thisπέμπει is sendingαὐτοῖς to themtheθεὸς Godἐνέργειαν working withinπλάνης of errorεἰς intoτὸ theπιστεῦσαι to believeαὐτοὺς themτῷ to theψεύδει, lie, 12  ἵνα in order thatκριθῶσιν they might be judgedπάντες allοἱ the (ones)μὴ notπιστεύσαντες having believedτῇ to theἀληθείᾳ truthἀλλὰ butεὐδοκήσαντες having thought wellτῇ to theἀδικίᾳ. unrighteousness. 13  Ἡμεῖς Weδὲ butὀφείλομεν are owingεὐχαριστεῖν to be giving thanksτῷ to theθεῷ Godπάντοτε alwaysπερὶ aboutὑμῶν, YOU,ἀδελφοὶ brothersἠγαπημένοι having been lovedὑπὸ byΚυρίου, Lord,ὅτι becauseεἵλατο he selectedὑμᾶς YOUtheθεὸς Godἀπ’ fromἀρχῆς beginningεἰς intoσωτηρίαν salvationἐν inἁγιασμῷ sanctificationπνεύματος of spiritκαὶ andπίστει to faithἀληθείας, of truth, 14  εἰς intowhich (thing)ἐκάλεσεν he calledὑμᾶς YOUδιὰ throughτοῦ theεὐαγγελίου good newsἡμῶν, of us,εἰς intoπεριποίησιν procuringδόξης of gloryτοῦ of theκυρίου Lordἡμῶν of usἸησοῦ of JesusΧριστοῦ. Christ. 15  Ἄρα Reallyοὖν, therefore,ἀδελφοί, brothers,στήκετε, be YOU standing,καὶ andκρατεῖτε be YOU holding fastτὰς theπαραδόσεις traditionsἃς whichἐδιδάχθητε YOU were taughtεἴτε whetherδιὰ throughλόγου wordεἴτε orδι’ throughἐπιστολῆς letterἡμῶν. of us. 16  Αὐτὸς Very (one)δὲ buttheκύριος Lordἡμῶν of usἸησοῦς JesusΧριστὸς Christκαὶ andtheθεὸς Godtheπατὴρ Fatherἡμῶν, of us,the (one)ἀγαπήσας having lovedἡμᾶς usκαὶ andδοὺς having givenπαράκλησιν comfortαἰωνίαν everlastingκαὶ andἐλπίδα hopeἀγαθὴν goodἐν inχάριτι, undeserved kindness, 17  παρακαλέσαι may he comfortὑμῶν of YOUτὰς theκαρδίας heartsκαὶ andστηρίξαι may he fix firmlyἐν inπαντὶ everyἔργῳ workκαὶ andλόγῳ wordἀγαθῷ. good.