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1 Peter 5:1-14

5  Πρεσβυτέρους Older men οὖν thereforeἐν inὑμῖν YOUπαρακαλῶ I am encouragingtheσυνπρεσβύτερος fellow older manκαὶ andμάρτυς witnessτῶν of theτοῦ of theΧριστοῦ Christπαθημάτων, sufferings,theκαὶ alsoτῆς of theμελλούσης being aboutἀποκαλύπτεσθαι to be being revealedδόξης gloryκοινωνός, sharer, 2  ποιμάνατε shepherd YOU τὸ theἐν inὑμῖν YOUποίμνιον flockτοῦ of theθεοῦ, God,μὴ notἀναγκαστῶς necessarilyἀλλὰ butἑκουσίως, yieldingly,μηδὲ not-butαἰσχροκερδῶς for disgraceful gainἀλλὰ butπροθύμως, fore-spiritedly, 3  μηδ’ not-but ὡς asκατακυριεύοντες (ones) lording downτῶν of theκλήρων lotsἀλλὰ butτύποι typesγινόμενοι becomingτοῦ of theποιμνίου· flock; 4  καὶ and φανερωθέντος of (one) having been manifestedτοῦ of theἀρχιποίμενος chief shepherdκομιεῖσθε YOU will carry off for selvesτὸν theἀμαράντινον unfadingτῆς of theδόξης gloryστέφανον. crown. 5  Ὁμοίως, Likewise, νεώτεροι, younger (ones),ὑποτάγητε be YOU subjectedπρεσβυτέροις. to older men.Πάντες All (ones)δὲ butἀλλήλοις to one anotherτὴν theταπεινοφροσύνην lowliness of mindἐγκομβώσασθε, tie YOU on selves with knots,ὅτι becausetheθεὸς Godὑπερηφάνοις to superior appearing (ones)ἀντιτάσσεται is ranging self againstταπεινοῖς to lowly (ones)δὲ butδίδωσιν he is givingχάριν. undeserved kindness. 6  Ταπεινώθητε Be YOU made lowly οὖν thereforeὑπὸ underτὴν theκραταιὰν mightyχεῖρα handτοῦ of theθεοῦ, God,ἵνα in order thatὑμᾶς YOUὑψώσῃ he might put up highἐν inκαιρῷ, appointed time, 7  πᾶσαν all τὴν theμέριμναν anxietyὑμῶν of YOUἐπιρίψαντες having thrown uponἐπ’ uponαὐτόν, him,ὅτι becauseαὐτῷ to himμέλει it is careπερὶ aboutὑμῶν. YOU. 8  Νήψατε, Be YOU sober, γρηγορήσατε. stay YOU awake.Theἀντίδικος adversary (at court)ὑμῶν of YOUδιάβολος Devilὡς asλέων lionὠρυόμενος roaringπεριπατεῖ is walking aboutζητῶν seekingκαταπιεῖν· to drink down; 9  to whom ἀντίστητε stand YOU againstστερεοὶ solid (ones)τῇ to theπίστει, faith,εἰδότες knowingτὰ theαὐτὰ very (things)τῶν of theπαθημάτων sufferingsτῇ to theἐν inτῷ theκόσμῳ worldὑμῶν of YOUἀδελφότητι brotherhoodἐπιτελεῖσθαι. to be ended upon. 10  The δὲ butθεὸς Godπάσης of allχάριτος, undeserved kindness,the (one)καλέσας having calledὑμᾶς YOUεἰς intoτὴν theαἰώνιον everlastingαὐτοῦ of himδόξαν gloryἐν inΧριστῷ, Christ,ὀλίγον little [time]παθόντας (ones) having sufferedαὐτὸς heκαταρτίσει, will adjust down,στηρίξει, he will fix firmly,σθενώσει. he will make strong. 11  αὐτῷ To him τὸ theκράτος mightεἰς intoτοὺς theαἰῶνας· agesἀμήν. amen. 12  Διὰ Through Σιλουανοῦ Silvanusὑμῖν to YOUτοῦ of theπιστοῦ faithfulἀδελφοῦ, brother,ὡς asλογίζομαι, I am reckoning,δι’ throughὀλίγων few [words]ἔγραψα, I wrote,παρακαλῶν encouragingκαὶ andἐπιμαρτυρῶν bearing witness uponταύτην thisεἶναι to beἀληθῆ trueχάριν undeserved kindnessτοῦ of theθεοῦ· God;εἰς intoἣν whichστῆτε. stand YOU. 13  ᾿Ασπάζεται Is greeting ὑμᾶς YOUthe [woman]ἐν inΒαβυλῶνι Babylonσυνεκλεκτὴ jointly chosen [woman]καὶ andΜάρκος Marktheυἱός sonμου. of me. 14  ᾿Ασπάσασθε Greet YOU ἀλλήλους one anotherἐν inφιλήματι kissἀγάπης. of love. Εἰρήνη Peaceὑμῖν to YOUπᾶσιν to allτοῖς the (ones)ἐν inΧριστῷ. Christ.