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1 Corinthians 5:1-13

5  Ὅλως Wholly ἀκούεται it is being heardἐν inὑμῖν YOUπορνεία, fornication,καὶ andτοιαύτη suchπορνεία fornicationἥτις whichοὐδὲ not-butἐν inτοῖς theἔθνεσιν, nations,ὥστε as-andγυναῖκά womanτινα someoneτοῦ of theπατρὸς fatherἔχειν. to be having. 2  καὶ And ὑμεῖς YOUπεφυσιωμένοι having been puffed upἐστέ, YOU are,καὶ andοὐχὶ notμᾶλλον ratherἐπενθήσατε, YOU mourned,ἵνα in order thatἀρθῇ might be lifted upἐκ out ofμέσου midstὑμῶν of YOUthe (one)τὸ theἔργον workτοῦτο thisπράξας; having performed? 3  ᾿Εγὼ I μὲν indeedγάρ, for,ἀπὼν being absentτῷ to theσώματι bodyπαρὼν being alongsideδὲ butτῷ to theπνεύματι, spirit,ἤδη alreadyκέκρικα I have judgedὡς asπαρὼν being alongsideτὸν the (one)οὕτως thusτοῦτο thisκατεργασάμενον having worked down 4  ἐν in τῷ theὀνόματι nameτοῦ of theκυρίου Lordἡμῶν of usἸησοῦ, of Jesus,συναχθέντων having been led togetherὑμῶν of YOUκαὶ andτοῦ of theἐμοῦ myπνεύματος spiritσὺν together withτῇ theδυνάμει powerτοῦ of theκυρίου Lordἡμῶν of usἸησοῦ, of Jesus, 5  παραδοῦναι to give beside τὸν theτοιοῦτον such (one)τῷ to theΣατανᾷ Satanεἰς intoὄλεθρον destructionτῆς of theσαρκός, flesh,ἵνα in order thatτὸ theπνεῦμα spiritσωθῇ might be savedἐν inτῇ theἡμέρᾳ dayτοῦ of theκυρίου. Lord. 6  Οὐ Not καλὸν fineτὸ theκαύχημα boastingὑμῶν. of YOU.οὐκ Notοἴδατε YOU have knownὅτι thatμικρὰ littleζύμη leavenὅλον wholeτὸ theφύραμα lumpζυμοῖ; is leavening? 7  ἐκκαθάρατε Clean YOU out τὴν theπαλαιὰν oldζύμην, leaven,ἵνα in order thatἦτε YOU may beνέον newφύραμα, lump,καθώς according asἐστε YOU areἄζυμοι. unleavened.καὶ Andγὰρ forτὸ theπάσχα passoverἡμῶν of usἐτύθη was sacrificedΧριστός· Christ; 8  ὥστε as-and ἑορτάζωμεν, may we be keeping festival,μὴ notἐν inζύμῃ leavenπαλαιᾷ oldμηδὲ not-butἐν inζύμῃ leavenκακίας of badnessκαὶ andπονηρίας, of wickedness,ἀλλ’ butἐν inἀζύμοις unleavened [cakes]εἰλικρινείας of sincerityκαὶ andἀληθείας. of truth. 9  Ἔγραψα I wrote ὑμῖν to YOUἐν inτῇ theἐπιστολῇ letterμὴ notσυναναμίγνυσθαι to be mixing selves up withπόρνοις, fornicators, 10  οὐ not πάντως altogetherτοῖς to theπόρνοις fornicatorsτοῦ of theκόσμου worldτούτου thisorτοῖς to theπλεονέκταις covetous (ones)καὶ andἅρπαξιν to snatchersorεἰδωλολάτραις, to idolaters,ἐπεὶ sinceὠφείλετε YOU were owingἄρα reallyἐκ out ofτοῦ theκόσμου worldἐξελθεῖν. to come out. 11  νῦν Now δὲ butἔγραψα I wroteὑμῖν to YOUμὴ notσυναναμίγνυσθαι to be mixing selves up withἐάν if everτις anyoneἀδελφὸς brotherὀνομαζόμενος being namedmay beπόρνος fornicatororπλεονέκτης covetous (one)orεἰδωλολάτρης idolaterorλοίδορος revilerorμέθυσος drunkardorἅρπαξ, snatcher,τῷ to theτοιούτῳ such (one)μηδὲ not-butσυνεσθίειν. to be eating with. 12  τί What γάρ forμοι to meτοὺς the (ones)ἔξω outsideκρίνειν; to be judging?οὐχὶ Notτοὺς the (ones)ἔσω insideὑμεῖς YOUκρίνετε, are judging, 13  τοὺς the (ones) δὲ butἔξω outsidetheθεὸς Godκρίνει; is judging?ἐξάρατε lift YOU up outτὸν theπονηρὸν wicked (one)ἐξ out ofὑμῶν YOUαὐτῶν. very (ones).