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Jehovah’s Witnesses


Online Bible | The Kingdom Interlinear Translation of the Greek Scriptures

1 Corinthians 15:1-58

15  Γνωρίζω I am making known δὲ butὑμῖν, to YOU,ἀδελφοί, brothers,τὸ theεὐαγγέλιον good newswhichεὐηγγελισάμην I declared as good newsὑμῖν, to YOU,whichκαὶ alsoπαρελάβετε, YOU alongside received,ἐν inwhichκαὶ alsoἑστήκατε, YOU have stood, 2  δι’ through οὗ whichκαὶ alsoσώζεσθε, YOU are being saved,τίνι to whatλόγῳ wordεὐηγγελισάμην I declared good newsὑμῖν, to YOU,εἰ ifκατέχετε, YOU are holding down,ἐκτὸς outsideεἰ ifμὴ notεἰκῇ in vainἐπιστεύσατε. YOU believed. 3  παρέδωκα I gave beside γὰρ forὑμῖν to YOUἐν inπρώτοις, first (things),that whichκαὶ alsoπαρέλαβον, I alongside received,ὅτι thatΧριστὸς Christἀπέθανεν diedὑπὲρ overτῶν theἁμαρτιῶν sinsἡμῶν of usκατὰ according toτὰς theγραφάς, Scriptures, 4  καὶ and ὅτι thatἐτάφη, he was buried,καὶ andὅτι thatἐγήγερται he has been raised upτῇ to theἡμέρᾳ dayτῇ theτρίτῃ thirdκατὰ according toτὰς theγραφάς, Scriptures, 5  καὶ and ὅτι thatὤφθη he was seenΚηφᾷ, to Cephas,εἶτα there (upon)τοῖς to theδώδεκα· twelve; 6  ἔπειτα thereupon ὤφθη he was seenἐπάνω upward ofπεντακοσίοις to five hundredἀδελφοῖς brothersἐφάπαξ, at one time,ἐξ out ofὧν whomοἱ theπλείονες more (ones)μένουσιν are remainingἕως untilἄρτι, right now,τινὲς someδὲ butἐκοιμήθησαν· fell asleep; 7  ἔπειτα thereupon ὤφθη he was seenἸακώβῳ, to James,εἶτα there (upon)τοῖς to theἀποστόλοις apostlesπᾶσιν· all; 8  ἔσχατον last δὲ butπάντων of all (ones)ὡσπερεὶ as-even-ifτῷ to theἐκτρώματι wound out ofὤφθη he was seenκἀμοί. also to me. 9  ᾿Εγὼ I γάρ forεἰμι I amtheἐλάχιστος leastτῶν of theἀποστόλων, apostles,ὃς whoοὐκ notεἰμὶ I amἱκανὸς sufficientκαλεῖσθαι to be being calledἀπόστολος, apostle,διότι through whichἐδίωξα I persecutedτὴν theἐκκλησίαν ecclesiaτοῦ of theθεοῦ· God; 10  χάριτι to undeserved kindness δὲ butθεοῦ of Godεἰμὶ I amwhatεἰμι, I am,καὶ andtheχάρις undeserved kindnessαὐτοῦ of himtheεἰς intoἐμὲ meοὐ notκενὴ emptyἐγενήθη, it became,ἀλλὰ butπερισσότερον more abundantlyαὐτῶν of themπάντων allἐκοπίασα, I labored,οὐκ notἐγὼ Iδὲ butἀλλὰ buttheχάρις undeserved kindnessτοῦ of theθεοῦ Godσὺν together withἐμοί. me. 11  εἴτε Whether οὖν thereforeἐγὼ Iεἴτε orἐκεῖνοι, those,οὕτως thusκηρύσσομεν we are preachingκαὶ andοὕτως thusἐπιστεύσατε. YOU believed. 12  Εἰ If δὲ butΧριστὸς Christκηρύσσεται is being preachedὅτι thatἐκ out ofνεκρῶν dead (ones)ἐγήγερται, he has been raised up,πῶς howλέγουσιν are they sayingἐν inὑμῖν YOUτινὲς someὅτι thatἀνάστασις resurrectionνεκρῶν of dead (ones)οὐκ notἔστιν; is? 13  εἰ If δὲ butἀνάστασις resurrectionνεκρῶν of dead (ones)οὐκ notἔστιν, is,οὐδὲ neitherΧριστὸς Christἐγήγερται· has been raised up; 14  εἰ if δὲ butΧριστὸς Christοὐκ notἐγήγερται, has been raised up,κενὸν emptyἄρα reallyτὸ theκήρυγμα preachingἡμῶν, of us,κενὴ emptyκαὶ alsotheπίστις faithἡμῶν, of us, 15  εὑρισκόμεθα we are being found δὲ butκαὶ alsoψευδομάρτυρες false witnessesτοῦ of theθεοῦ, God,ὅτι becauseἐμαρτυρήσαμεν we bore witnessκατὰ down onτοῦ theθεοῦ Godὅτι thatἤγειρεν he raised upτὸν theχριστόν, Christ,ὃν whomοὐκ notἤγειρεν he raised upεἴπερ if evenἄρα reallyνεκροὶ dead (ones)οὐκ notἐγείρονται. are being raised up. 16  εἰ If γὰρ forνεκροὶ dead (ones)οὐκ notἐγείρονται, are being raised up,οὐδὲ neitherΧριστὸς Christἐγήγερται· has been raised up; 17  εἰ if δὲ butΧριστὸς Christοὐκ notἐγήγερται, has been raised up,ματαία vaintheπίστις faithὑμῶν of YOUἐστίν, is,ἔτι yetἐστὲ YOU areἐν inταῖς theἁμαρτίαις sinsὑμῶν. of YOU. 18  ἄρα Really καὶ alsoοἱ the (ones)κοιμηθέντες having fallen asleepἐν inΧριστῷ Christἀπώλοντο. destroyed themselves. 19  εἰ If ἐν inτῇ theζωῇ lifeταύτῃ thisἐν inΧριστῷ Christἠλπικότες having been hopingἐσμὲν we areμόνον, only,ἐλεεινότεροι more pitiable (ones)πάντων of allἀνθρώπων menἐσμέν. we are. 20  Νυνὶ Now δὲ butΧριστὸς Christἐγήγερται has been raised upἐκ out ofνεκρῶν, dead ones,ἀπαρχὴ firstfruitsτῶν of the (ones)κεκοιμημένων. having laid themselves to sleep. 21  ἐπειδὴ Since γὰρ forδι’ throughἀνθρώπου manθάνατος, death,καὶ alsoδι’ throughἀνθρώπου manἀνάστασις resurrectionνεκρῶν· of dead (ones); 22  ὥσπερ as-even γὰρ forἐν inτῷ the᾿Αδὰμ Adamπάντες allἀποθνήσκουσιν, are dying,οὕτως thusκαὶ alsoἐν inτῷ theχριστῷ Christπάντες allζωοποιηθήσονται. will be made alive. 23  Ἕκαστος Each (one) δὲ butἐν inτῷ theἰδίῳ ownτάγματι· order;ἀπαρχὴ firstfruitsΧριστός, Christ,ἔπειτα thereuponοἱ the (ones)τοῦ of theχριστοῦ Christἐν inτῇ theπαρουσίᾳ presenceαὐτοῦ· of him; 24  εἶτα there (upon) τὸ theτέλος, end,ὅταν wheneverπαραδιδῷ he may be giving besideτὴν theβασιλείαν kingdomτῷ to theθεῷ Godκαὶ andπατρί, Father,ὅταν wheneverκαταργήσῃ he should make ineffectiveπᾶσαν allἀρχὴν governmentκαὶ andπᾶσαν allἐξουσίαν authorityκαὶ andδύναμιν, power, 25  δεῖ it is necessary γὰρ forαὐτὸν himβασιλεύειν to be reigningἄχρι untilοὗ whichθῇ he should putπάντας allτοὺς theἐχθροὺς enemiesὑπὸ underτοὺς theπόδας feetαὐτοῦ. of him. 26  ἔσχατος Last ἐχθρὸς enemyκαταργεῖται is being made ineffectivetheθάνατος, death, 27  πάντα all (things) γὰρ forὑπέταξεν he subjectedὑπὸ underτοὺς theπόδας feetαὐτοῦ. of him.ὅταν Wheneverδὲ butεἴπῃ he should sayὅτι thatπάντα all (things)ὑποτέτακται, has been subjected,δῆλον evidentὅτι thatἐκτὸς outsideτοῦ of the (one)ὑποτάξαντος having subjectedαὐτῷ to himτὰ theπάντα. all (things). 28  ὅταν Whenever δὲ butὑποταγῇ it should be subjectedαὐτῷ to himτὰ theπάντα, all (things),τότε thenκαὶ alsoαὐτὸς hetheυἱὸς Sonὑποταγήσεται will be subjectedτῷ to the (one)ὑποτάξαντι having subjectedαὐτῷ to himτὰ theπάντα, all (things),ἵνα in order thatmay betheθεὸς Godπάντα all (things)ἐν inπᾶσιν. all. 29  ᾿Επεὶ Since τί whatποιήσουσιν will doοἱ the (ones)βαπτιζόμενοι being baptizedὑπὲρ overτῶν theνεκρῶν; dead (ones)?εἰ Ifὅλως whollyνεκροὶ dead (ones)οὐκ notἐγείρονται, are being raised up,τί whyκαὶ alsoβαπτίζονται are being baptizedὑπὲρ overαὐτῶν; them? 30  τί Why καὶ alsoἡμεῖς weκινδυνεύομεν are in dangerπᾶσαν everyὥραν; hour? 31  καθ’ According to ἡμέραν dayἀποθνήσκω, I am dying,νὴ byτὴν theὑμετέραν YOURκαύχησιν, boasting,ἀδελφοί, brothers,ἣν whichἔχω I am havingἐν inΧριστῷ ChristἸησοῦ Jesusτῷ theκυρίῳ Lordἡμῶν. of us. 32  εἰ If κατὰ according toἄνθρωπον manἐθηριομάχησα I fought with wild beastsἐν in᾿Εφέσῳ, Ephesus,τί whatμοι to meτὸ theὄφελος; benefit?εἰ Ifνεκροὶ dead (ones)οὐκ notἐγείρονται, are being raised up,φάγωμεν we should eatκαὶ andπίωμεν, we should drink,αὔριον tomorrowγὰρ forἀποθνήσκομεν. we are dying. 33  μὴ Not πλανᾶσθε· may YOU be misled;φθείρουσιν are corruptingἤθη habitsχρηστὰ usefulὁμιλίαι associationsκακαί· bad; 34  ἐκνήψατε sober YOU up δικαίως righteouslyκαὶ andμὴ notἁμαρτάνετε, be YOU sinning,ἀγνωσίαν ignoranceγὰρ forθεοῦ of Godτινὲς someἔχουσιν· are having;πρὸς towardἐντροπὴν embarrassmentὑμῖν to YOUλαλῶ. I am speaking. 35  ᾿Αλλὰ But ἐρεῖ will sayτις someoneΠῶς Howἐγείρονται are being raised upοἱ theνεκροί, dead (ones),ποίῳ to what sort ofδὲ butσώματι bodyἔρχονται; are they coming? 36  ἄφρων, Senseless (one), σὺ youwhichσπείρεις you are sowing,οὐ notζωοποιεῖται it is being made aliveἐὰν if everμὴ notἀποθάνῃ· it should die; 37  καὶ and whichσπείρεις, you are sowing,οὐ notτὸ theσῶμα bodyτὸ the (one)γενησόμενον going to becomeσπείρεις you are sowingἀλλὰ butγυμνὸν nakedκόκκον grainεἰ ifτύχοι it may happenσίτου of wheatorτινος of any (one)τῶν of theλοιπῶν· leftover (ones); 38  the δὲ butθεὸς Godδίδωσιν is givingαὐτῷ to itσῶμα bodyκαθὼς according asἠθέλησεν, he willed,καὶ andἑκάστῳ to eachτῶν of theσπερμάτων seedsἴδιον ownσῶμα. body. 39  οὐ Not πᾶσα everyσὰρξ fleshtheαὐτὴ veryσάρξ, flesh,ἀλλὰ butἄλλη otherμὲν indeedἀνθρώπων, of men,ἄλλη otherδὲ butσὰρξ fleshκτηνῶν, of acquired (beasts),ἄλλη otherδὲ butσὰρξ fleshπτηνῶν, of fliers,ἄλλη otherδὲ butἰχθύων. of fishes. 40  καὶ Also σώματα bodiesἐπουράνια, heavenly,καὶ andσώματα bodiesἐπίγεια· earthly;ἀλλὰ butἑτέρα differentμὲν indeedthe (one)τῶν of theἐπουρανίων heavenly (things)δόξα, glory,ἑτέρα differentδὲ butthe (one)τῶν of theἐπιγείων. earthly (things). 41  ἄλλη Other δόξα gloryἡλίου, of sun,καὶ andἄλλη anotherδόξα gloryσελήνης, of moon,καὶ andἄλλη anotherδόξα gloryἀστέρων, of stars,ἀστὴρ starγὰρ forἀστέρος of starδιαφέρει is differingἐν inδόξῃ. glory. 42  οὕτως Thus καὶ alsotheἀνάστασις resurrectionτῶν of theνεκρῶν. dead (ones).σπείρεται It is being sownἐν inφθορᾷ, corruption,ἐγείρεται it is being raised upἐν inἀφθαρσίᾳ· incorruption; 43  σπείρεται it is being sown ἐν inἀτιμίᾳ, dishonor,ἐγείρεται it is being raised upἐν inδόξῃ· glory;σπείρεται it is being sownἐν inἀσθενείᾳ, strengthlessness,ἐγείρεται it is being raised upἐν inδυνάμει· power; 44  σπείρεται it is being sown σῶμα bodyψυχικόν, soulical,ἐγείρεται it is being raised upσῶμα bodyπνευματικόν. spiritual.Εἰ Ifἔστιν isσῶμα bodyψυχικόν, soulical,ἔστιν isκαὶ alsoπνευματικόν. spiritual (one). 45  οὕτως Thus καὶ alsoγέγραπται it has been written᾿Εγένετο Becametheπρῶτος firstἄνθρωπος man᾿Αδὰμ Adamεἰς intoψυχὴν soulζῶσαν· living;theἔσχατος last᾿Αδὰμ Adamεἰς intoπνεῦμα spiritζωοποιοῦν. making alive. 46  ἀλλ’ But οὐ notπρῶτον firstτὸ theπνευματικὸν spiritualἀλλὰ butτὸ theψυχικόν, soulical,ἔπειτα thereuponτὸ theπνευματικόν. spiritual. 47  The πρῶτος firstἄνθρωπος manἐκ out ofγῆς earthχοϊκός, dusty,theδεύτερος secondἄνθρωπος manἐξ out ofοὐρανοῦ. heaven. 48  οἷος Of what sort theχοϊκός, dusty (one),τοιοῦτοι of such sortκαὶ alsoοἱ theχοϊκοί, dusty (ones),καὶ andοἷος of what sorttheἐπουράνιος, heavenly (one),τοιοῦτοι of such sortκαὶ alsoοἱ theἐπουράνιοι· heavenly (ones); 49  καὶ and καθὼς according asἐφορέσαμεν we boreτὴν theεἰκόνα imageτοῦ of theχοϊκοῦ, dusty (one),φορέσωμεν we should bearκαὶ alsoτὴν theεἰκόνα imageτοῦ of theἐπουρανίου. heavenly (one). 50  Τοῦτο This δέ butφημι, I say,ἀδελφοί, brothers,ὅτι thatσὰρξ fleshκαὶ andαἷμα bloodβασιλείαν kingdomθεοῦ of Godκληρονομῆσαι to inheritοὐ notδύναται, is able,οὐδὲ neithertheφθορὰ corruptionτὴν theἀφθαρσίαν incorruptionκληρονομεῖ. is inheriting. 51  ἰδοὺ Look! μυστήριον Mysteryὑμῖν to YOUλέγω· I am saying;πάντες allοὐ notκοιμηθησόμεθα we shall be laid to sleepπάντες allδὲ butἀλλαγησόμεθα, we shall be changed, 52  ἐν in ἀτόμῳ, uncut [time],ἐν inῥιπῇ twinklingὀφθαλμοῦ, of eye,ἐν atτῇ theἐσχάτῃ lastσάλπιγγι· trumpet;σαλπίσει it will trumpetγάρ, for,καὶ andοἱ theνεκροὶ dead (ones)ἐγερθήσονται will be raised upἄφθαρτοι, incorruptible,καὶ andἡμεῖς weἀλλαγησόμεθα. shall be changed. 53  δεῖ It is necessary γὰρ forτὸ theφθαρτὸν corruptibleτοῦτο thisἐνδύσασθαι to put on selfἀφθαρσίαν incorruptionκαὶ andτὸ theθνητὸν mortalτοῦτο thisἐνδύσασθαι to put on selfἀθανασίαν. immortality. 54  ὅταν Whenever δὲ butτὸ theθνητὸν mortalτοῦτο thisἐνδύσηται should put on selfτὴν theἀθανασίαν, immortality,τότε thenγενήσεται will occurtheλόγος wordtheγεγραμμένος having been writtenΚατεπόθη Was drunk downtheθάνατος deathεἰς intoνῖκος. victory. 55  ποῦ Where σου, of you,θάνατε, death,τὸ theνῖκος; victory?ποῦ Whereσου, of you,θάνατε, death,τὸ theκέντρον; sting? 56  τὸ The δὲ butκέντρον stingτοῦ of theθανάτου deaththeἁμαρτία, sin,theδὲ butδύναμις powerτῆς of theἁμαρτίας sintheνόμος· Law; 57  τῷ to the δὲ butθεῷ Godχάρις thanks toτῷ the (one)διδόντι givingἡμῖν to usτὸ theνῖκος victoryδιὰ throughτοῦ theκυρίου Lordἡμῶν of usἸησοῦ JesusΧριστοῦ. Christ. 58  Ὥστε, As-and, ἀδελφοί brothersμου of meἀγαπητοί, loved,ἑδραῖοι settledγίνεσθε, be YOU becoming,ἀμετακίνητοι, unmovable,περισσεύοντες aboundingἐν inτῷ theἔργῳ workτοῦ of theκυρίου Lordπάντοτε, always,εἰδότες having knownὅτι thattheκόπος laborὑμῶν of YOUοὐκ notἔστιν isκενὸς emptyἐν inκυρίῳ. Lord.