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Song of Solomon 7:1-13

7  7:2* How beautifully your feet tap with the shoes, daughter of a nobleman! The swing of your hips is like bangles made by an artist’s hands. 2  7:3 Your navel is like a stirring-bowl— may there be no lack of wine-mixture! Your waist is like a heap of wheat set round with lilies. 3  7:4 Your two breasts are like two fawns, a gazelle’s twins. 4  7:5** Your neck is like the Ivory Tower. Your eyes are like the reservoirs at Heshbon at the Bath-Rabbim gate. Your nose is like the Lebanon tower looking out on the Damascus side. 5  7:6* Your head stands on you like Carmel, and the strands of your head are like purple; a king is fettered in the threads. 6  7:7* How beautiful you are, how winsome, love, daughter of delight! 7  7:8 This figure of yours is the likeness of a palm tree; and your breasts, of clusters. 8  7:9* I think I will climb the palm tree, take hold of its bunches of fruit, And let your breasts be like clusters of the grapevine and the scent of your breath like that of apples, 9  7:10*** And your mouth like the best wine, running smoothly for my throat, gliding through my lips and teeth. 10  7:11* I am my truelove’s and his impulse is toward me. 11  7:12 Come on, truelove, we will go out on the range, pass the night in the villages, 12  7:13 Be in the vineyards the first thing in the morning seeing if the grapevines have broken out their buds, Have come into bloom, if the pomegranates have blossomed. There I will give you my love. 13  7:14* The mandrake-apples are giving their scent, and at our doors are all sorts of fine fruits; New and last year’s too, truelove, I have laid up for you.


7:2 Or with the clogs
7:5 Codd.* are like reservoirs Var. are reservoirs
7:5 Or the Lebanon crag
7:6 (last line) Unc., susp.
7:7 Var.* love, among delights
7:9 Lit. the scent of your nose
7:10 Lit. And your palate
7:10 Codd. for my truelove
7:10 (last line) Var. making sleepers’ lips stir
7:11 Or his impulse is my duty
7:14 Or over our doors