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Psalm 90:1-17

(A prayer; of Moses the man of God.) 90*  Lord, you have been citadel of ours in generation upon generation. 2  Before mountains were born or earth and universe came to the pangs of birth, And from eternity to eternity, you are Deity. 3*  You send a man back into the clods and say “Back again, sons of mankind!” 4  (For a thousand years are to your eyes like a yesterday when it is going by or a watch in the night.) 5  You wash them away; they are sleep. In the morning they make a fresh start like grass; 6  In the morning it is blooming and fresh; at evening it is wilted and dried out. 7*  For we are all gone at your anger, and we are struck with sudden death at your ire. 8  You have set our offenses where they confront you, in the illumination of your face what we had kept dark. 9*  For all our days shrink back at your wrath, we finish off our years like a sigh. 10**  The time we do our sleeping in is seventy years or, with a strong constitution, eighty years, And its swaggering is fuss and futility, for it goes by in a rush and we take wing. 11*  Who knows the formidableness of your anger, and who has seen the oppressiveness of your wrath? 12  To count off our days teach us aright, that we may get a heart of wisdom in. 13*  Come back, Jehovah—when? and change your mind as to your servants. 14  Give us your friendship amply in the morning, so that we may carol and make merry throughout our days. 15  Give us as many days of gladness as you have given of hardship, as many years as we have been seeing disaster. 16  Let your activity be apparent toward your servants and your grandeur over their sons, 17*  And may the graciousness of the Lord our God be over us; and give firmness to the work of our hands.