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Psalm 89:1-52

(Meditative; of Ethan the Ezrahite’s.) 89  Jehovah’s acts of friendship I will forever sing; to generation after generation I will announce your faithfulness with my mouth, 2*  Because you have said “Forever shall friendship be built up”; in the skies you set your faithfulness firm. 3  “I have covenanted to my chosen one, sworn to my servant David, 4  ‘To all time I will set your posterity firm and build your throne to generation after generation’”; [Selah] 5  And heaven shall acknowledge your wonders, Jehovah, your faithfulness too, in the assembly of holy ones. 6  For who in highest heaven is to be matched with Jehovah, to be compared to Jehovah among the sons of deities? 7  A fearful Deity in the council of the holy ones, great and terrible over all who are around him. 8  Jehovah, God of Armies, who is like you? sturdy is Jehovah; and your faithfulness is around you. 9  You rule over the pride of the sea; when its waves toss you still them. 10*  You felled Rahab as if he were stabbed through; with your arm of might you dispersed your enemies. 11  Yours is sky, yours too is earth; the world and all that fills it you founded. 12  North and south you created; Tabor and Hermon warble your name. 13  Arm you have, and vigor withal; your hand is strong, your right hand high. 14  Right dealing and just judgment are the base of your throne; friendship and loyalty come forward in your presence. 15  Happy the people that know resounding cheers of praise; they will walk in the shining of your face, Jehovah, 16*  They will jubilate all day in your name and exalt your right-doing, 17  Because you are the grandeur of their might and by your acceptance you raise our horn aloft. 18  For to Jehovah belongs our shield and to the Holy One of Israel our king. 19  You then spoke in a vision to the man of your friendship and said “I have laid help upon a champion, have taken up a chosen one out of the people, 20  Have found my servant David, have anointed him with my sacred oil, 21  With whom my hand shall be firm, yes, my arm shall brace him. 22  No enemy shall hold him in peonage nor man of foul play grind him down, 23  But I will pound up his foes before him and defeat those who hate him, 24  And he shall have with him my faithfulness and friendship, and by my name he shall carry his horn high, 25  And I will lay his hand on the sea and his right hand on the rivers. 26  He shall call to me ‘You are my Father, my Deity and the Rock of my salvation’; 27  I withal will make him my firstborn, on high over the kings of earth. 28  I will keep my friendship to him forever and my covenant to him shall be loyal, 29  And I will make his posterity last for aye and his throne like the time of the sky. 30  If his sons abandon my instructions and do not go by my laws, 31  If they disregard my rules and do not keep my commandments, 32  I will punish their crime with a cudgel and their guilt with blows, 33  But not cancel my friendship with him nor forswear my faithfulness. 34  I will not disregard my covenant nor change what has gone out of my lips. 35  One thing I have sworn by my holiness, I will not lie to David, 36  His posterity shall be forever and his throne like the sun before me, 37  Like the moon, secured ever and aye, faithful in the ether.” (Selah) 38  But you have repudiated and rejected, been infuriated with your anointed one, 39  Ignored the covenant with your servant, dropped his diadem desecrated on the ground, 40  Breached all his fences, laid his fortifications in ruin. 41  All passersby pillage him; he has become a butt for his neighbors’ insults. 42  You let his foes’ right hand go high, you gladden all his enemies. 43*  You turn back his sword-blade too, and do not let him stand up in battle. 44  You have made an end of his brightness, hurled his throne to the ground, 45  Shortened his time of youth, wrapped him in shame. (Selah) 46  How long, Jehovah, will you persistently veil yourself, shall your choler burn like a fire? 47*  Remember, Lord, what vitality is, in what unsubstantiality you created all mankind; 48*  What man is to live and never see death, get his life clear of the grasp of the grave? (Selah) 49  Where are your first acts of friendship, Lord? You swore to David by your faithfulness! 50***  Remember, Lord, the insults to your servant, my pocketing all animosities from peoples, 51  How your enemies have been insulting, Jehovah, been throwing insults at your anointed one’s heels. 52  Blessed be Jehovah forever. Amen and amen.