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Psalms 76:1-12

(Of the Director; with string accompaniment; a psalm of Asaph’s; a song.) 76  Known in Judah is God, in Israel his name is great, 2  And he has his lodge in Salem and his dwelling in Sion. 3*  There he broke quiver and bow, shield and sword and battalion. (Selah) 4*  More grand and resplendent are you than mountains of prey. 5  Men of warlike heart were despoiled, lay sound asleep, and not any stalwart men could find their hands. 6  At your rebuke, God of Jacob, chariot and pony were in a trance. 7  Fearful are you, and who will stand his ground before you in your moment of anger? 8  From heaven you proclaimed a sentence; earth feared and was still 9  When God stood up for judgment to save all earth’s sufferers. (Selah) 10*  For man’s rage pays homage to you, and the remnant from rage you gird up. 11  Vow and pay to your God Jehovah; all who live around him shall bring tribute to the Fearful. 12  He abates the spirits of potentates; he is fearful to the kings of earth.