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Psalm 62:1-12

(Of the Director over Jeduthun; a psalm of David’s.) 62*  My soul is attentive just to God; from him my salvation comes. 2  He, just he, is my rock and my salvation, my fastness; I shall not be greatly stirred. 3  How long will you be bullying a man, murdering? all of you are like a wall out of plumb, a fence knocked in. 4*  They are just planning to knock off from his dignity; they take satisfaction in lying; With their mouths they bless and inwardly they are cursing. (Selah) 5*  Be attentive just to God, my soul, because from him my hope comes. 6  He, just he, is my rock and my salvation, my fastness; I shall not be stirred. 7  On God rest my salvation and my glory; my citadel rock, my refuge, is in God. 8  Trust to him every time, people, pour out your hearts before him; God is a refuge for us. (Selah) 9  Human beings are just air, sons of man a lie; they are quicker to fly up in the balance together than a whiff of air. 10  Do not rely on sponging nor build air-castles on stolen goods; when wealth is fruitful do not be impressed. 11  One thing God has spoken, two that I have heard, 12  That strength is God’s, and yours, Lord, is friendship; that you will repay each man in accordance with his deeds.