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Psalm 61:1-8

(Of the Director; with, string accompaniment; of David’s.) 61  Hear my appeal, God, listen to my prayer. 2*  From the earth’s end to you I call when my heart is fainting away; you will set me on a rock too lofty for me to climb, 3  Because you have been a refuge to me, a tower of shelter before an enemy. 4*  I will find a home in your tent eternally, will take refuge under the screen of your wings. (Selah) 5*  For you, God, have heard my vows, have granted the request of those who fear your name. 6*  You will add time to the king’s time; his years shall be like generation upon generation; 7  He shall be enthroned forever before God; set friendship and loyalty to keep him. 8  Thus I will make music to your name for aye, paying my vows day by day.