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Psalm 58:1-11

(Of the Director; “Do Not Spoil”; of David’s, a mictam.) 58*  Do you indeed, notables, speak right, judge even-handedly the sons of men? 2  Nay, at heart you practice foul play, in the country your hands aim for outrage. 3  Tyrants are congenital perverts; Falsifiers have gone wrong ever since they came out of their mother’s bodies. 4  The venom they have is the counterpart of a snake’s venom; like a deaf viper that plugs its ear, 5  That will not listen to the voice of charmers, of wisest sorcerer. 6  God, demolish their teeth in their mouths! break down young lions’ fangs, Jehovah! 7*  Let them dissolve like water running down a slope; like dead grass let them be mowed— 8  Like a slug that melts off as it goes along, an abortion that has not looked upon the sun. 9*  Let their shoots dry out and be cut off like thornbushes, like briers, like weed-stalks, be blown away. 10  Let a right-doer be glad because he has looked upon vengeance, let him bathe his feet in the wrong-doer’s blood, 11  That mankind may say “O, but the right-doer does get fruit; O, but there are gods that judge on earth.”