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Psalm 57:1-11

(Of the Director; “Do Not Spoil”; of David’s, a mictam, when he was in flight from Saul in the cave.) 57  Be gracious to me, God, be gracious to me,because my soul has taken refuge in you,And in the shadow of your wings I will take refugetill catastrophes pass by. 2  I will cry to God on high,to a Deity who carries through what concerns me; 3  He will send from heaven and save mefrom the hands of those who are panting after my life. (Selah) 4  In the midst of lions I will lie down,such as flash at human beings;Their teeth are spears and arrowsand their tongues sharp swords. 5  Abide aloft, God, above the sky,your glory above all the earth. 6  They got a net ready for my steps—their own foot was caught.They dug a pitfall before me—they fell squarely into it. [Selah] 7  My heart is firm, God, my heart is firm;I will sing and make music. 8  Wake, my glory! wake, harp and lyre!I will wake the dawn. 9  I will give you thanks among the nations, Lord,I will make music among many a folk, 10  Because your friendliness is great to the skiesand your loyalty to the uppermost air. 11  Abide aloft, God, above the sky,your glory above all the earth.