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Psalm 52:1-9

(Of the Director; meditative. Of David’s, when Doeg the Edomite came in and reported to Saul “David went into Ahimelec’s house.”) 52*  Why boast in evil, ruffian? Deity’s friendship lasts all day. 2  You plan catastrophes; your tongue is like a whetted razor, playing false. 3  You prefer evil to good, falsehood to right speaking. (Selah) 4*  You love all quibbling words, a cheating tongue. 5  The Deity on his part will break you down for good, scoop you up and tear you out of home and your root out of the land of living men. (Selah) 6  And honest men shall see and fear and laugh over him: 7*  “There is the man that was not making God his citadel but had put his confidence in the greatness of his riches, was mighty by his capital.” 8  But I am like a verdant olive-tree in God’s house; I have put my confidence in God’s friendship forever and aye. 9*  I will thank you forever, because you acted, and hope in your name, because it is good, in the presence of the men of your friendship.