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Psalms 47:1-9

(Of the Director; of the sons of Korah; a psalm.) 47  All peoples, clap your hands! shout for God with voice of cheer, 2  Because Jehovah is a terrible one on high, a great king over all the earth! 3  He brings peoples down under us, many a folk under our feet; 4*  He chooses our estate for us, the pride of Jacob whom he loves. (Selah) 5  God has come up with cheering, Jehovah with sound of ram-horn. 6  Make music to God, make music! make music for our King, make music! 7  For king of all the earth is God; make well-considered music! 8  God reigns over nations, God is seated on his hallowed throne. 9*  Nobles of peoples have come together, the people of the God of Abraham, Because the shields of earth belong to God; high indeed is he.