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Psalm 39:1-13

(Of the Director; of Jeduthun; a psalm of David’s.) 39  I said “I will watch my courses to keep from sinning with my tongue; I will put a muzzle on my mouth so long as I am facing a rascal.” 2*  I was mute accordingly, I refrained from saying anything good, And my pain was stirred, 3  my heart grew hot within me, In my brooding a fire was burning; I spoke with my tongue, 4  “Make my end known to me, Jehovah, and what is the measure of my days; let me be conscious how transitory I am. 5*  Here you have made my days some handbreadths and before you my tenure of life is as if there were none of it; every man bases himself just on air. (Selah) 6*  A man walks along in a mere picture, they make an uproar of mere air, one piles up heaps and does not know who is going to take them home. 7  And now what am I counting on, Lord? it is for you I wait. 8*  Deliver me from all my crimes; do not make me a butt for a scamp’s taunting. 9  I was mute, did not open my mouth, because it was you that had acted. 10  Take your visitation off me; by the stress of your hand I am finished. 11  With discipline for guilt you correct a man and you melt down his attractive figure like a moth; every man is just air.” [Selah] 12  Hear my prayer, Jehovah, and give ear to my cry; do not be deaf to my sobs; For I am a visitor with you and a tenant, like all my fathers. 13  Take your eyes off me and let me brighten up before I go away and am gone.