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Jehovah’s Witnesses


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Psalm 28:1-9

(Of David’s.) 28  To you, Jehovah, I call; my Rock, do not be deaf to me, For fear you should keep quiet in my case and I become such as are those who are down in the Pit; 2  Hear my suppliant voice when I clamor to you, when I raise my hands toward your holy shrine. 3  Do not rake me up with malefactors, with those who practice villainy, That talk peace with their neighbors but have harm in their hearts. 4*  Give them what will match their doings, the viciousness of their practices; Such as the work their hands have done give to them, give them back their own dealings! 5  Because they have no sense of Jehovah’s doings and of the work his hands have done, he shall tear them down and not rebuild them. 6  Blessed be Jehovah because he has heard my suppliant voice. 7*  Jehovah is my strength and my song; my heart relies on him, And I am helped, and my heart exults, and with my song I will thank him. 8  Jehovah is might to his people, and his anointed one’s citadel of salvation is he. 9  Save your people and bless your estate, and shepherd them and carry them forever.