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Psalm 20:1-9

(Of the Director; a psalm of David’s.) 20  Jehovah answer you on a day of crisis, the name of Israel’s God set you out of reach of harm, 2  Send you help from sacred ground and from Sion give you support, 3*  Remember all your oblations and make much of your burnt-offering, (Selah) 4  Give you what you have at heart and bring fulfillment to all your purposes. 5  We will shout over your victory and fly our colors in the name of our God; Jehovah give fulfillment to all your requests. 6  Now I know that Jehovah gives victory to his anointed; he will answer him from his hallowed heavens with the mighty saving acts of his right hand. 7  Chariots these and ponies those, and we the name of our God Jehovah commemorate. 8  They have stooped and fallen, but we are up and keep our feet. 9  Jehovah, make the king victorious and answer us on the day when we call.