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Psalm 16:1-11

(A mictam of David’s.) 16  Protect me, Jehovah, because I have taken refuge in you; 2*  I have said to Jehovah my Lord “You are my good, 3  Counting out all holy ones that are on earth, grand ones that I have no fancy for.” 4*  They get themselves many griefs; they hurry to get another god. I will not pour their libations of blood nor take their names on my lips. 5**  Jehovah, you have apportioned my dish and my cup; you guide the falling of my lot. 6  Lines have fallen in pleasant places for me; Yes, and my estate has grown finer on my hands. 7  I will bless Jehovah, who has advised me; nights too my bosom instructs me. 8  I keep Jehovah always before me; because he is at my right hand I shall be unshaken. 9*  So my heart is glad and my soul jubilant; my flesh too rests assured, 10  Because you will not leave my soul to the realm of death, will not give up the man of your friendship to see dissolution. 11**  You will send me along paths of life; in your company there are joys in plenty, pleasant things are in your right hand perpetually.