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Psalm 141:1-10

(A psalm. of David’s.) 141  Jehovah, I am calling you; make haste for me; give ear to my voice as I call for you. 2  Let my prayer be made ready as incense before you, the lifting of my hands be an evening sacrifice. 3  Station a guard for my mouth, Jehovah, watch over the door of my lips. 4  Let my heart not incline to a bad thing, to find amusement in wrong-doing With villainous men, nor take a meal of their dainties. 5***  Let a doer of right trounce me, let his friendship correct me; Let a wrong-doer’s oil not anoint my head, because they have fettered my prayer by their wicked acts. 6  Their judges are hurled down the sides of crags, and they shall hear my words, because they are pleasant. 7**  Like clods torn open on the earth our bones are scattered as the world below would take them. 8*  For my eyes are toward you, Lord Jehovah; I have taken refuge in you; do not let my life run out. 9  Guard me from the grip of the trap they have set for me and the snares of villains; 10**  Let wrong-doers fall into its nets together while I pass through.