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Psalms 140:1-13

(Of the Director; a psalm; of David’s.) 140  Rescue me, Jehovah, from evil men, guard me from injurious men, 2  Who think of mischief at heart, are starting fights all day, 3*  Have whetted their tongues like a snake’s, have under their lips an adder’s venom. (Selah) 4  Keep me out of wrong-doers’ hands, Jehovah, guard me from injurious men, who plan to give my feet a shove. 5*  Proud men have buried a trap for me and persecutors have spread a net, on the roadside they have set snares for me. (Selah) 6  I have said to Jehovah “You are my God”; give ear, Jehovah, to my suppliant voice. 7*  Jehovah, my Lord, might of my salvation, you have overarched my head when arms were busy. 8**  Do not give what a wrong-doer hankers for; do not let his design work out. [Selah] 9  Those who surround me are lifting their heads against me; the mischief of their lips shall cover them, 10*  Burning coals shall be dislodged upon them, he shall drop them into a fire, into pits where they shall not get up. 11  A man who depends on his tongue will not stand firm on earth; an injurious man evil shall hunt down stroke by stroke. 12  I know that Jehovah will execute sentence for a downtrodden man, justice for needy men. 13  Honest men shall indeed give thanks to your name, upright men shall be seated before your face.