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Psalm 108:1-13

(A song; a psalm of David’s.) 108  My heart is firm, God; I will sing and give praise. 2*  Wake, my glory! wake, harp and lyre! I will wake the dawn. 3  I will give you thanks among the nations, Jehovah, I will make music among many a folk, 4  Because your friendliness is great to the skies and your loyalty to the uppermost air. 5  Abide aloft, God, above the sky, your glory above all the earth. 6*  So that your darlings may be delivered save with your right hand and answer us. 7  God spoke in his sanctuary: “I will triumph, will divide Shekem, will measure off Succoth Vale; 8  Gilead is mine and Manasseh is mine, and Ephraim is the keep of my head; Judah is my baton. 9*  Moab is my bathtub, on Edom I throw my sandal, over Philistia are my hurrahs.” 10  Who will bring me to a city for a siege? who has led me through to Edom? 11  Have not you, God, repudiated us? and you do not go out, God, in our campaigns. 12  Give us help from a foe— human salvation is futile. 13  Through God we shall play a sturdy part, and he himself will trample down our foes.