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Psalms 105:1-45

105  Praise Jehovah! Thank Jehovah, proclaim his name, make known among the peoples his deeds; 2  Sing for him, make music for him, review all his wonders, 3  Boast of his holy name; let the hearts of those who seek Jehovah be glad. 4  Look to Jehovah and his strength; always be looking for his face. 5  Remember his wonders that he has done, his miracles and the judgments of his mouth, 6*  You descendants of his servant Abraham, sons of his chosen one Jacob. 7  He is our God Jehovah, his judgments run throughout the earth. 8  Forever he remembers his covenant, a word that he has ordained for a thousand years, 9  Which he undertook with Abraham, and Isaac had his oath, 10  And he confirmed it to be a decree for Jacob, a perpetual covenant for Israel, 11  “To you I will give Canaan as your definite estate,” 12  When they were few in number, a mere handful, and immigrants in it, 13  And going about from nation to nation, from a kingdom to another people. 14  He did not let men deny them justice, but reproved kings on their account, 15  “Do not touch my anointed ones nor harm my prophets.” 16  And he called down a famine upon the country, broke every bread-stock; 17  He sent a man before them; Joseph was sold for a slave; 18*  They hobbled his feet with shackles, his life was locked in iron, 19  Till the time when his word came true, Jehovah’s say showed his metal, 20  A king sent and undid him, a ruler of peoples and released him, 21  Appointed him lord of his household, ruler over all his means, 22*  To dictate to his generals at will and tutor his statesmen; 23  And Israel came into Egypt and Jacob lived as an immigrant in the country of Ham, 24  And he made his people very prolific and they outmultiplied their foes. 25*  He turned their hearts to hate his people, to plot against his servants; 26  He sent his servant Moses, Aaron whom he chose; 27***  They set out the words of his tokens among them, and miracles in the country of Ham. 28*  He sent darkness, and dark it grew; and they did not disobey his words. 29  He turned their water to blood and brought their fishes to death. 30  Their country swarmed with frogs in the chambers of their kings. 31  He gave the word, and ʽarob flies came in; mosquitoes, in all their territory. 32  He let their showers be hail, flaming fire in their country, 33*  And struck down their grapevine and fig-tree and smashed the trees of their territory. 34  He gave the word, and grasshoppers came, locusts innumerable, 35*  And ate off all plant life in their country and ate off the fruit of their soil. 36  And he struck down every eldest son in their country, firstfruits of all their powers. 37  And he brought them out with silver and gold, with no one among his tribes stumbling; 38  Egypt was glad of their going out, because the dread of them had fallen upon them. 39  He spread out a cloud for a screen and a fire to give light at night; 40  They asked, and he brought quails and gave them full meals of sky-bread; 41  He opened a rock and water gushed out, a river ran in the parched wastes; 42  Because he remembered his holy word with his servant Abraham. 43  And he brought his people out with rejoicing, his chosen ones with shouting, 44  And gave them nations’ lands, and they took possession of what folk upon folk had toiled for, 45  To the end that they might observe his institutions and keep the rules of his code. Praise Jehovah!