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Proverbs 30:1-33

30*  The words of Agur the son of Jakeh the Massaite. Quoth the man, “I am tired, God, tired, God, and used up, 2  Because I am more of a brute beast than of a man and have not human sense, 3*  And have not learned wisdom so as to have knowledge of the Holy. 4  Who has gone up to the sky and come down? who has taken the wind in his two hands? Who has taken up water in a blanket? who set up all the extremities of the earth? What is his name, and the name of his son? —since you know! 5  Every say of God’s is sterling; he is a shield to those who take refuge in him. 6  Do not add to his words, for fear he should arraign you and you turn out to have been lying. 7  I ask two things of you; do not refuse to let me have them before I die: 8*  Keep shams and lying talk far away from me; poverty and riches give not to me, issue me my proper ration, 9*  For fear I should have all I want and turn agnostic and say ‘Who is Jehovah?’ And for fear I should grow poor and steal and be irreverent to the name of my God. 10  Do not tell tales of a slave to his master, for fear he should curse you and you bear the consequences. 11  A generation that curses its father and does not bless its mother! 12*  A generation that thinks it is clean and has not got the worst of its filth washed off! 13  A generation with eyes O how lofty and eyebrows raised! 14  A generation whose teeth are swords and its fangs knives To eat unfortunate men off the earth and needy men out of the human race!” 15*  The bloodsucker has two daughters: Give! Give! Three they are that never get their fill, four that never say “enough”: 16  The realm of death, and barrenness of womb; earth, which never gets its fill of water; and fire, which never says “enough.” 17  An eye that gibes at a father and despises obedience to a mother Ravens of the glen will peck and a vulture’s young will eat. 18  Three they are that are too mysterious for me and four that I do not know about: 19  A vulture’s road in the sky, a snake’s road on a rock, A ship’s road on the high sea, and a man’s road in a wench. 20  Such is an adulterous wife’s road: she eats and wipes her mouth and says “I did not do anything out of the way.” 21  Under three earth staggers, and under four it cannot bear up: 22  Under a slave when he gets to be king and a boor when he gets his stomach full of bread, 23*  Under an old maid when she gets married and a slave-girl when she gets into her mistress’s place. 24  Four they are that are earth’s little things but are shrewdly wise: 25  The ants are a people that are not strong, but they make their preparations in summer for their bread; 26  Dassies are a people that are not formidable, but they place their house in the crag; 27  The grasshoppers have no king, but they all go out on an aimed course; 28  A lizard you can catch in your hands, but it is in royal palaces. 29  Three they are that are fine of step and four that are fine of walk: 30  A lion, champion among beasts, that does not turn back for any; 31*  A strutting cock; or a he-goat; and a king—do not stand up against him. 32*  If you are adrift when you fly high or if you have a design—hand on mouth! 33  For bumping milk brings out butter, and bumping a nose brings out blood, and bumping anger brings out discord.


30:1 Codd. of Jakeh, the boding.
30:3 Lit. know knowledge of
30:8 Lit. my bread of ration
30:9 Lit. handle the name
30:12 The Hebrew specifies the kind of worst filth
30:15 Or The vampire has
30:23 Lit. an unwanted woman when
30:31 Unc., susp.
30:32 Unc., susp.