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Proverbs 19:1-29

19*  Better a poor man leading a conscientious life than a man of crooked lips, he being a fool. 2*  When a soul has not knowledge it is not good either, and one who is in haste with his feet goes wrong. 3  A man’s ignorance muddles his affairs and he flies out against Jehovah. 4  Possessions add many friends; but a poor man is parted from the friend he has. 5  A false witness will not be held guiltless nor a lie-blower come off scot-free. 6  Many curry favor with a nobleman, and everybody is friend to a free giver. 7*  All a poor man’s brothers hate him; much more do his friends get far away from him. One who does much evil will achieve disaster, and one who rebels against words will not come off safe. 8  One who invests in brains loves his life; one who takes care for intelligence is going to find good. 9  A false witness will not be held guiltless and a lie-blower will perish. 10  Luxury is not befitting for a fool; much less is ruling over generals for a slave. 11*  For a man to exercise patience is good business, and to pass over offenses is an adornment to him. 12  A king’s displeasure is a growl like a two-year-old lion’s, and his approval is like dew on herbage. 13  A foolish son is a catastrophe to his father, and a woman’s wrangles are a steadily dribbling leak in the roof. 14  A house and goods are an inheritance from parents, but a wife who minds her business is from Jehovah. 15*  Laziness throws one into a trance, and a slacker’s appetite will go hungry. 16*  One who keeps a commandment is keeping his life safe, and one who slights his courses will come to his death. 17  One who does a kindness to a poor man is lending to Jehovah, and he will pay him back in kind. 18  Chastise your son, because there is a hope, and do not expect to kill him. 19*  A man with too hot a temper has to pay the penalty, for if you interfere you make things still worse. 20  Listen to advice and accept instruction, in order that you may be wise in future. 21  A man has plenty of ideas in his mind, but Jehovah’s plan is what stands. 22**  A man’s goodwill is his friendliness, and a poor man is better than a liar. 23*  Fearing Jehovah leads to life, and one passes the night with a full stomach, unvisited by harm. 24  An idler has buried his hand in the dish, will not even bring it back to his mouth. 25  You give a cynic a beating, and a simpleton grows shrewder; one admonishes a man of sense, and he sees the point. 26*  A worthless and disgraceful son lays waste his father’s house and makes his mother a fugitive. 27  Beware, my son, of listening to instruction to err from ways of knowledge. 28*  An unscrupulous witness takes a cynic’s view of justice, and wrong-doers’ mouths stream villainy. 29*  Whips are ready for cynics and poundings for backs of fools.


19:1 Var. of crooked courses, he being rich
19:2 (first part) Unc.
19:7 (second half) Susp.; var. instead of the two lines One who chases after words, they are not (var. his they are)
19:11 Var.* A man’s hard-headedness makes him patient, and to
19:15 Lit. a slack appetite
19:16 Lit. despises his courses Conj. despises a word
19:19 Unc., susp.
19:22 Var. A man’s friendships are his income
19:22 Conj. than a hard-hearted one
19:23 Conj. one has a full stomach for the night and no dread of harm
19:26 Or One who does violence to his father and drives out his mother is a worthless and disgraceful son
19:28 Codd. swallow up villainy
19:29 Var. Judgments are ready