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Proverbs 16:1-33

16  Man’s are cogitations of the heart, but from Jehovah is the answer for the tongue. 2  A man feels as if all his courses were irreproachable, but Jehovah gauges spirits. 3  Turn your affairs over to Jehovah and have your plans confirmed. 4  Jehovah made everything to play its part, and even a wrong-doer for a day of disaster. 5  Any pretentious man is what Jehovah detests; hand on hand he will not be cleared. 6*  By friendliness and loyalty guilt is purged, and by fearing Jehovah one avoids what is bad. 7  When Jehovah approves a man’s courses he makes even his enemies live on good terms with him. 8  Better a little by right than a large income by injustice. 9  Man’s heart plans his course but Jehovah places his steps. 10*  Clairvoyance sits on a king’s lips; in giving judgment his mouth will not play false. 11**  Steelyard and scales are matter for Jehovah’s judgment; all standard weights are his work. 12  The doing of wrong is a thing kings abominate, because it is by right that a throne is made firm. 13  Right-speaking lips are what a king approves, and one who speaks straightforwardly he loves. 14**  A king’s ire means messengers of death, and a wise man will appease it. 15*  In cheerfulness on a king’s face there is life, and his approval is like a spring rain-cloud. 16  Get wisdom; how much better it is than hard gold! and getting discretion is preferable to silver. 17  Avoidance of evil is straightforward men’s highway; he who watches his course is guarding his life. 18  Pride goes before a crash and a pretentious spirit before a tumble. 19*  Better lowliness of spirit in humble men’s company than dividing booty with proud men. 20  One who handles a matter cannily will have good results; but one who trusts in Jehovah, happy he! 21  A wise-hearted man will be called a sage, but pleasingness of lips will add to influence. 22*  The insight of those who have insight is a fountain of life, but ignoramuses’ lecturing is ignorance. 23  A wise man’s heart makes his mouth skillful and adds to the influence of his lips. 24  Pleasant words are a comb of honey, sweetness for the palate and health for the bones. 25*  There is such a thing as a road that lies smooth before a man but the last part of it is the recesses of death. 26  A hardworking man’s appetite works for him, because his mouth sees to his working. 27  A reprobate is a furnace of harm and has on his lip what is like a searing fire. 28  A mischief-maker starts quarrels and a scandalmonger alienates a bosom friend. 29  A scoundrel inveigles his friend and makes him take a course there is no good in. 30  One who shuts his eyes tight is thinking up mischief; one who moves his lips has got up something bad. 31  White hair is a magnificent coronet; it will be found by a course of right-doing. 32  A patient man is better than a champion fighter, and one who has command over his spirit than one who takes a city. 33  The lot is tossed in the fold of your mantle, but every decision it gives is from Jehovah.


16:6 Or one steers clear of harm
16:10 Lit. is
16:11 Codd. Steelyard and just scales are Jehovah’s;
16:11 Lit. all bag-stones
16:14 Lit. is messengers
16:14 Or but a wise man
16:15 Or In the light of a king’s presence there is life, and acceptance by him is like Lit. In the shining of a king’s face
16:19 Codd.* one lowly of spirit
16:22 Lit. who have it
16:25 Var. is roads to death