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Proverbs 13:1-25

13*  A wise son a father’s instruction, but a cynic hears not a rebuke. 2  Out of the fruit of a man’s mouth he will eat good, but faithless men’s appetite is for outrage. 3  He who keeps watch of his mouth is guarding his life; he who throws his lips open comes to ruin. 4*  An idler has an appetite and finds nothing, but energetic men’s appetite will find plenty of oil. 5  An honest man hates a false word, but a rogue leaves you disappointed and abashed. 6  Right-doing keeps safe a man of conscientious course, but sin upsets wrong-doers. 7  There are such things as a man who makes himself out rich and there is nothing at all there, and a man who makes himself out poor and there are quantities of goods. 8*  A man’s riches buy off his life; but a poor man hears not a rebuke. 9  Right-doers’ light is merry, and wrong-doers’ lamp goes out. 10*  A man with nothing in him will start a squabble by self-will; but wisdom is with men who take advice. 11*  Property got together in a rush will shrink; but one who gathers bit by bit will make much. 12*  An expectation long drawn out breeds sickness in the heart; but a desire that comes true is bark from a tree of life. 13**  One who despises a word will have to give security; but one who fears a commandment, he will go safe. 14  A wise man’s precept is a spring of life for keeping away from the snares of death. 15*  Tact gives charm; but faithless men’s course is to perdition. 16  Any shrewd man acts by knowledge; but a fool spreads out ignorance. 17*  An unscrupulous messenger tumbles one into disaster, but a trustworthy courier is healing. 18  Poverty and dishonor, who neglects instruction; but one who observes admonition will come to high standing. 19*  A desire realized is sweet to the soul; but avoiding anything bad is what fools detest. 20  Go with wise men and become wise; but one who cultivates fools will come to harm. 21*  Disaster pursues sinners, but comfortable prosperity rests with honest men. 22  A good man will bequeath an inheritance to children’s children, but a sinner’s wealth is stored away for an honest man. 23*  Plenty of food, poor men’s sod-breaking; but there is such a thing as one that is swept away without justice. 24  He who holds back his stick hates his son, but he who loves him goes in quest of it as a discipline. 25  A right-doer eats all his appetite wants, but wrong-doers’ stomachs are scrimped.


13:1 (first part) Susp.
13:4 Lit. An idler’s appetite desires and there is nothing
13:8 Susp.
13:10 Codd.* One will only by self-will start a squabble
13:11 Var. Property out of nothing (that is, that comes out of nothing)
13:12 Or is a tree of life
13:13 Or will be ruined; but
13:13 Codd.* he will be paid
13:15 Var. course is permanent Conj. course is amid quarrel
13:17 Codd.* tumbles into
13:19 Or but keeping away from harm is
13:21 Codd. but honest men he will pay good Var. but good will overtake honest men
13:23 Susp.