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Proverbs 12:1-28

12  One who loves being instructed loves knowledge; but one who hates being corrected goes stupid. 2  A kindly man will obtain favor from Jehovah, but a schemer he will condemn. 3  Man is not set firm by wrong-doing; but right-doers’ roots are unshaken. 4  A worthy wife is her husband’s crown, but a worthless one is like a rot in his bones. 5  Honest men’s plans are for legitimate procedure; rogues’ tactics are fraud. 6*  Rogues’ words are an ambush for bloodshed, but upright men’s mouths deliver them. 7  Upset rogues and they are nowhere; but honest men’s house will stand. 8  A man will be praised in proportion to his good judgment; but a dizzy-headed man will come into contempt. 9  A nobody who owns a slave is better than a pretentious man short of bread to eat. 10  A right-minded man knows the wants of his animal; but vicious men’s feelings are brutal. 11  One who works his ground will have plenty of bread; but one who runs after unpractical things lacks brains. 12*  Love for wrong-doing is a net for bad men; but honest men’s root is permanent. 13  In crime of the lips is a disastrous snare, but an honest man gets out of the pinch. 14*  Out of the fruit of a man’s mouth he will have his fill of good, and the dealing of one’s hands will come back to him. 15  A know-nothing’s course seems all right to him, but he who listens to advice is wise. 16*  A know-nothing’s pique is displayed on the spot, but a shrewd man covers up a dishonor. 17  Who utters reliable facts shows the right; but a false-speaking witness, a cheat. 18*  There is such a thing as a man whose jabber is like sword-stabs; but wise men’s tongue is healing. 19  A lip of truth will stand fast forevermore, but a tongue of falsehood for an instant. 20*  There is double-dealing in the hearts of those who are cooking up harm, but those who confer on wholesome policy have happiness. 21  No trouble will be brought upon a right-doer; but wrong-doers are full of evil. 22  Lips of falsehood are what Jehovah detests, but men who act truly are what he approves. 23  A shrewd man covers up knowledge, but fools’ hearts bawl ignorance. 24  Energetic men’s hands will have control, but slackness will come to servitude. 25*  Worry in a man’s heart depresses it, but thinking of a good thing gladdens it. 26*  A right-doer will hunt up his pasture, but the course wrong-doers are on will make them lose their way. 27*  Slackness does not broil his game; but energy treats a man’s goods as worth caring for. 28*  On the highway of right there is life, but an avenger’s course leads to death.


12:6 (bloodshed) Susp.
12:12 Codd. A wrong-doer desires a net for
12:14 Conj. have his fill, and the dealing of
12:16 Lit. on the day
12:18 Lit. who blathers like
12:20 Or disappointment in the hearts of those who cook up
12:25 Lit. but a good thing
12:26 (first part) Susp.; codd.* A right-doer should do more scouting than another man Var.* A right-doer amounts to more than another man
12:27 Codd.* but man’s precious wealth is one who is energetic
12:28 (avenger’s) Susp.