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Job 38:1-41

38  But Jehovah answered Job out of the tempest 2*  “Who is this that is befogging a discussion by phrases without knowledge? 3  Gird your loins like a man so that I may ask you questions and you inform me. 4  Where were you when I laid the foundation of earth? tell, if you have competent knowledge. 5  Who determined its dimensions? for you know! or who stretched a measuring-line over it? 6  On what were its under-foundations planted? or who laid its cornerstone 7*  While the morning stars shouted together and all the angels hurrahed? 8*  Who enclosed the sea with doors when it came bursting out of the womb, 9  When I made clouds its clothing and thick air its wrapping 10  And broke a boundary for it and set a bar and doors, 11  And said ‘You are to come to here but not beyond, and here the pride of your waves shall break’? 12  Did you ever in your life command a morning, let a dawn know its place 13  To take hold of earth’s edges that wrong-doers may be shaken out of it? 14**  It takes shape like clay printed with a stamp, and colors like a dress, 15  And wrong-doers have their light withheld, and a high-raised arm is broken. 16  Have you come to the sources of the sea and gone inspecting through the deep? 17*  Have the gates of death been laid open for you, or the gatemen of gloom been afraid at sight of you? 18  Have you applied your attention to the breadths of earth? tell, if you know it all. 19  In which direction does light have its home, and which is the place for darkness? 20*  Because you get it at its domain and are expert in the paths to its house. 21  You know, because you were born then and the number of your days is great! 22  Have you been into the reserves of snow, and seen the reserves of hail 23  Which I am holding back for a day of crisis, a day of battle and war? 24*  In which direction is wind divided, east wind scattered over earth? 25*  Who laid out a system of channels for floods and a course for the lightning of thunder, 26  To send rain on a country without a man, a wilderness with no human being in it, 27*  To satisfy the hunger of blasted and blighted places and to make a thirsty place grow vegetation? 28  Does the rain have a father? or who brought dewdrops to birth? 29*  Out of whose body did the ice come? and who gave birth to hoarfrost? 30*  Water masks itself like a stone and the surface of the deep coheres. 31*  Shall you be tying the laces of the Pleiades or unhitching the traces of Orion, 32**  Making Mazzaroth come out at its time and guiding Aldebaran with its sons under it? 33  Do you know the laws of the sky or are you ordaining its supervision of the earth? 34*  Will you send your voice aloft to the cloud and have a spray of water cover you? 35  Will you send lightnings abroad, and have them go and say to you ‘Here we are’? 36*  Who implanted wisdom in the ibis? or who gave discernment to the cock? 37  Who counts in wisdom the threads of mare’s-tail clouds, and the water-bags of the sky who tips down 38  When loam runs into metal and clods cling together? 39  Will you hunt prey for a lioness and fill the need of two-year-old lions 40  When they are down in the lairs, sitting in ambush in a covert? 41  Who gets its provision ready for the raven when its young are clamoring to Deity, wandering about in want of food?


38:2 Lit. darkening
38:7 Lit. all the sons of God (or of gods)
38:8 Var. And enclosed
38:14 Lit. It turns over like
38:14 Lit. takes variegation like a dress Codd. stands out like a dress
38:17 Var. or do you see the gates of gloom
38:20 Conj.* for darkness, so that you may take it to its domain and bring it along the paths to
38:24 Codd. is light divided
38:25 Lit. branched a channel
38:27 Codd. and to set an output of vegetation growing
38:29 Lit. sky-frost
38:30 Lit. hides itself
38:31 Unc.
38:32 (Mazzaroth) Unc., susp.
38:32 Lit. over its sons
38:34 Var. answer you
38:36 (ibis, cock) Unc.