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Job 37:1-24

37  My heart is alarmed too at this and jumps out of its place. 2*  Hear, hear the commotions of his voice and what comes as a mutter from his mouth! 3*  He sends it abroad under all the sky and his light over the edges of the earth. 4*  Behind it a voice roars; he thunders with his sublime voice and does not hold them back when his voice is heard; 5**  Deity thunders with his voice wondrously. He does things great beyond our knowledge, 6*  For he says to the snow ‘Fall to earth’ and showers down his mighty rains. 7*  He seals up every human being’s hands that all men may know his work; 8  And beasts go into coverts and lodge in their dens. 9  Out of the Chamber comes a gale and out of Mezarim cold weather. 10  By Deity’s breath ice is put in and the breadth of water is in curbs. 11*  Also he loads a cloud with refreshment, cloudy sky scatters his fall rain, 12*  And it goes circling about by his guidance that they may do all that he orders them to over the world on the ground, 13*  If for a cudgel, if for his earth, if for kindness he sends it to its goal. 14  Give ear to this, Job; stand still and realize Deity’s wonders. 15*  Do you know how God lays their charge on them and the light of his clouds beams out? 16*  Do you know about the hovering of clouds, the wonders of him who is faultless in skill? 17  Will you whose clothes grow hot when earth has quietness from the south 18  Be with him to consolidate heavens strong as a metal mirror? 19  Let us know what to say to him; we cannot get it in order for darkness. 20*  Is he to be told the story of my speaking? or does any man think of being swept away? 21  And now they do not see light, it is a bright spot in the heavens; but a wind goes over and clears them. 22**  From the north comes resplendence; over God there is a refulgence that is terrible. 23*  Shaddai—our minds do not reach to him, ample in strength and justice and great in right-dealing; he will not victimize. 24**  So men fear him; he does not take notice of any wise-headed men.”


37:2 Lit. and a mutter that comes
37:3 Or the light of it
37:4 (hold them back) Susp.
37:5 (first half) Susp.
37:5 Lit. great things and we do not know
37:6 Codd. and showers of rain, showers of his mighty rain (lit. the rains of his might)
37:7 (last half) Susp.
37:11 Codd. cloudy sky scatters his light or his light scatters cloudy sky (var.* he scatters the clouds of his light)
37:12 Or over the (conj.* his) terrestrial world
37:13 Susp.
37:15 Conj. how he sets his tent on them
37:16 Lit. the balancings of
37:20 Lit. being swallowed up
37:22 Codd. comes gold
37:22 Lit. a majesty that is terrible
37:23 Lit. we have not found him
37:24 Var.* are to fear
37:24 Lit. see any wisehearted