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Ezekiel 7:1-27

7  And Jehovah’s word came to me, 2 * “And yourself, man, say ‘Says the Lord Jehovah to the soil of Israel, Summer! the summer is come on the four sides of the country. 3 ** The summer is upon you now, and I will turn my anger loose and judge you in accordance with your courses, and bring down all your abominations on you; 4 * and my eye will have no mercy and I will not spare, for I will bring down your courses on you and you shall not have your abominations in your midst, and you shall know I am Jehovah. 5 * “‘Says the Lord Jehovah, Evil for evil, here it comes! 6 ** Summer is coming, the summer is come, the summer is upon you! 7 * Here it comes, winter comes to you, inhabitant of the country; the time is come, the day is near, uproar and not the pickers’ mountain whoop. 8 * Now I will presently pour out my ire on you and wreak my anger on you and judge you in accordance with your courses and bring down all your abominations on you; 9  and my eye will have no mercy and I will not spare, I will bring down on you the equivalent of your courses and you shall not have your abominations in your midst, and you shall know it is I Jehovah that am striking. 10 * Here is the day; here the winter has come in, has gone out, the stick has flowered, presumptuousness has sprouted, 11 * outrage has come up into a stick for wickedness, not from them and not from their host and not from their hustling. 12 ** The time is come, the day has reached us; let the buyer not rejoice nor the seller mourn, because there is anger against all the acquest. 13 * For the seller will not come back to the sold property though their life is still among the living, and the buyer will not live on the acquest, and, each for his own guilt, they will not hold fast their lives. 14 *** Sound a blast and get everything ready—and no one goes to war; for there is anger against all the acquest. 15  The sword is outside and the pestilence and starvation inside; he who is in the open will die by the sword, and him who is in the city starvation and pestilence will eat up; 16 * and such of them as escape will escape and be on the mountains—death will finish them off, each for his own guilt. 17 * All hands will be unstrung and all knees run water; 18  and they will belt on sackcloths and shudder all over, and there will be shame on all faces and baldness on all heads. 19 ** They will throw their silver into the street, and their gold will go for filth; they will not satisfy their appetites nor fill their stomachs; for it had been their stumbling-block to guilt, 20  and the splendor of their jewelry they devoted to pride, and made the images of their abominations with it; therefore I have made it filth to them, 21  and will give it into the hands of aliens as plunder and to the most lawless of the earth as booty, and they shall profane it. 22  And I will turn my face away from them, and they shall profane my seclusion and come into it, and bandits shall profane it. 23 * Make the chain, because the country is full of bloodshed and the city of outrage; 24 * and I will bring the worst of nations and they shall take possession of their houses. And I will put a stop to their pride of might, and their sanctuaries shall be profaned. 25 * A windup has come, and they shall look for peace and not have any. 26  There shall come ruin upon ruin, there shall be rumor upon rumor; and they shall hunt for vision from a prophet, and instruction shall be lost from priest and counsel from old men; 27 * prince shall be robed in desolation and the hands of the populace shall flutter. I will do with them in accordance with their course and judge them for their ways, and they shall know that I am Jehovah.’”


7:2 Or An end! the end is come on the
7:3 Or The end is
7:3 Lit. put all your abominations on you
7:4 Lit. put all your abominations on you
7:5 Var. A bad thing, one bad thing, here Var. An evil after an evil here
7:6 Or An end is coming, the end is come, the end
7:6 Codd. is come, he has waked it against you
7:7 Or emptiness comes to you
7:8 Lit. put all your abominations on you
7:10 Or here emptiness has come in
7:11 Susp.
7:12 Var. omits last eight words
7:12 (acquest) Unc.
7:13 Codd. living, because a vision shall not come back to all the acquest (unc.), and, each
7:14 Var.* They have sounded a blast and got
7:14 Var. omits last eight words
7:14 (acquest) Unc.
7:16 Var. be on the mountains like valley doves (var. mourning doves)—death
7:17 Or run into water
7:19 Lit. will be for a menstruous woman’s defilement
7:19 Var. inserts in the middle their silver and gold will not be able to deliver them on the day of Jehovah’s wrath
7:23 (first words) Susp.
7:24 Var. omits first half
7:25 (windup) Unc.
7:27 Or judge them by their standards