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Ezekiel 15:1-8

15  And Jehovah’s word came to me 2  “Man, what does the grapevine stem come to more than any woody climber that comes among the trees in the badlands? 3  Will wood be taken from it to use in work? or will they take from it a peg to hang any article on? 4  Suppose it has been given to the fire to be consumed, the fire has eaten off both ends of it and the middle of it is scorched, will it do for work? 5  Here it would not be used in work when it was entire; when in addition fire has eaten it and it is scorched, will it still be used in work? 6  So the Lord Jehovah says, As the grapevine stem among the trees in the badlands, that I have given to the fire to be consumed, such have I made the inhabitants of Jerusalem, 7  and will set my face against them: they have come out of the fire and the fire shall eat them off; and you shall know I am Jehovah by my fixing my face against them. 8  And I will make the country desolate, since they have committed unfaithfulness, quoth the Lord Jehovah.”