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Romans 16:1-27

16  I recommend* to YOU Phoe′be our sister, who is a minister*+ of the congregation that is in Cen′chre·ae,+  that YOU may welcome+ her in [the] Lord in a way worthy of the holy ones, and that YOU may assist her in any matter where she may need YOU,+ for she herself also proved to be a defender of many, yes, of me myself.  Give my greetings to Pris′ca and Aq′ui·la+ my fellow workers+ in Christ Jesus,  who have risked their own necks+ for my soul,* to whom not only I but also all the congregations of the nations render thanks;+  and [greet] the congregation that is in their house.+ Greet my beloved E·pae′ne·tus, who is a firstfruits+ of Asia for Christ.  Greet Mary, who has performed many labors for YOU.  Greet An·dron′i·cus and Ju′ni·as my relatives+ and my fellow captives,*+ who are men of note among the apostles and who have been in union+ with Christ longer than I have.  Give my greetings+ to Am·pli·a′tus my beloved in [the] Lord.  Greet Ur·ba′nus our fellow worker in Christ, and my beloved Sta′chys. 10  Greet+ A·pel′les, the approved one in Christ. Greet those from the household of A·ris·tob′u·lus. 11  Greet He·ro′di·on my relative.+ Greet those from the household of Nar·cis′sus who are in [the] Lord.+ 12  Greet Try·phae′na and Try·pho′sa, [women] who are working hard in [the] Lord. Greet Per′sis our beloved one, for she performed many labors in [the] Lord. 13  Greet Ru′fus the chosen one in [the] Lord, and his mother and mine. 14  Greet A·syn′cri·tus, Phle′gon, Her′mes, Pat′ro·bas, Her′mas, and the brothers with them. 15  Greet Phi·lol′o·gus and Julia, Ne′reus and his sister, and O·lym′pas, and all the holy ones with them.+ 16  Greet one another with a holy kiss.+ All the congregations of the Christ greet YOU. 17  Now I exhort YOU, brothers, to keep your eye on those who cause divisions+ and occasions for stumbling contrary to the teaching+ that YOU have learned, and avoid them.+ 18  For men of that sort are slaves, not of our Lord Christ, but of their own bellies;+ and by smooth talk+ and complimentary speech+ they seduce the hearts of guileless ones. 19  For YOUR obedience has come to the notice of all.+ I therefore rejoice over YOU. But I want YOU to be wise+ as to what is good, but innocent+ as to what is evil.+ 20  For his part, the God who gives peace+ will crush Satan+ under YOUR feet shortly. May the undeserved kindness of our Lord Jesus be with YOU.+ 21  Timothy my fellow worker greets YOU, and so do Lucius and Ja′son and So·sip′a·ter my relatives.+ 22  I, Ter′tius, who have done the writing of this letter, greet YOU in [the] Lord. 23  Ga′ius,+ my host and that of all the congregation, greets YOU. E·ras′tus the city+ steward greets YOU, and so does Quar′tus his* brother. 24*  —— 25  Now to him+ who can make YOU firm in accord with the good news I declare and* the preaching of Jesus Christ, according to the revelation* of the sacred secret+ which has been kept in silence for long-lasting times 26  but has now been made manifest+ and has been made known through the prophetic scriptures among all the nations in accord with the command of the everlasting God to promote obedience by faith;+ 27  to God, wise alone,+ be the glory+ through Jesus Christ+ forever.* Amen.


Or, “introduce.”
Or, “a servant.” Gr., di·a′ko·non; Lat., in mi·ni·ste′ri·o; J18(Heb.), mesha·rath′, “a female attendant.”
Or, “life.”
Or, “fellow prisoners.”
Or, “our.”
P46אABC omit; DItVgc, “May the undeserved kindness of our Lord Jesus Christ be with all of you. Amen,” which corresponds to the end of vs 20.
Or, “even.”
Lit., “uncovering; disclosure.” Gr., a·po·ka′ly·psin; Lat., re·ve·la·ti·o′nem.
“Forever,” P46BC; אADItVgArm, “forever and ever.”