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Jehovah’s Witnesses



Psalm 94:1-23

94*  O God* of acts of vengeance, Jehovah,+ O God of acts of vengeance, beam forth!+   Raise yourself up, O Judge of the earth.+ Bring back a retribution upon the haughty ones.+   How long are the wicked, O Jehovah,+ How long are the wicked themselves going to exult?+   They keep bubbling forth, they keep speaking unrestrained;+ All the practicers of what is hurtful keep bragging about themselves.+   Your people, O Jehovah, they keep crushing,+ And your inheritance they keep afflicting.+   The widow and the alien resident they kill,+ And the fatherless boys they murder.+   And they keep saying: “Jah* does not see;+ And the God* of Jacob does not understand [it].”+   Understand, YOU who are unreasoning among the people;+ And as for YOU stupid ones, when will YOU have any insight?+   The One planting the ear, can he not hear?+ Or the One forming the eye, can he not look?+ 10  The One correcting the nations, can he not reprove,+ Even the One teaching men knowledge?+ 11  Jehovah is knowing the thoughts of men,* that they are as an exhalation.+ 12  Happy is the able-bodied man* whom you correct,+ O Jah, And whom you teach out of your own law,+ 13  To give him quietness from days of calamity,+ Until for the wicked one a pit is excavated.+ 14  For Jehovah will not forsake his people,+ Nor will he leave his own inheritance.+ 15  For judicial decision will return even to righteousness,+ And all the upright in heart will follow it. 16  Who will rise up for me against the evildoers?+ Who will take his stand for me against the practicers of hurtfulness?+ 17  Unless Jehovah had been of assistance to me,+ In a little while my soul would have resided in silence.+ 18  When I said: “My foot will certainly move unsteadily,”+ Your own loving-kindness, O Jehovah, kept sustaining me.+ 19  When my disquieting thoughts became many inside of me,+ Your own consolations began to fondle my soul.+ 20  Will the throne causing adversities be allied with you+ While it is framing trouble by decree?+ 21  They make sharp attacks on the soul of the righteous one+ And pronounce wicked even the blood of the innocent one.+ 22  But Jehovah will become a secure height for me,+ And my God the rock of my refuge.+ 23  And he will turn back upon them their hurtfulness+ And will silence them with their own calamity.+ Jehovah our God will silence them.+


LXX has the superscription: “A psalm of David, for the fourth day of the week”; Vg is similar.
“God of.” Heb., ʼEl.
“Jah.” Heb., Yah. See 68:4 ftn.
“God of.” Heb., ʼElo·hehʹ.
Lit., “earthling man.” Heb., ʼa·dhamʹ.
“The able-bodied man.” Heb., hag·geʹver.