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Psalms 9:1-20

To the director upon Muth-lab′ben.* A melody of David. א [ʼA′leph]* 9  I will laud [you], O Jehovah, with all my heart;+ I will declare all your wonderful works.+   I will rejoice and exult in you,+ I will make melody to your name, O Most High.+ ב [Behth]   When my enemies turn back,+ They will stumble and perish from before you.+   For you have executed my judgment and my cause;+ You have sat on the throne judging with righteousness.+ ג [Gi′mel]   You have rebuked nations,+ you have destroyed the wicked one.+ Their name you have wiped out to time indefinite, even forever.*+   O you enemy, [your] desolations have come to their perpetual finish,+ And the cities that you have uprooted.+ The very mention of them will certainly perish.+ ה [Heʼ]   As for Jehovah, he will sit to time indefinite,+ Firmly establishing his throne for judgment itself.+   And he himself will judge the productive land* in righteousness;+ He will judicially try national groups in uprightness.+ ו [Waw]   And Jehovah will become a secure height for anyone crushed,+ A secure height in times of distress.+ 10  And those knowing your name will trust in you,+ For you will certainly not leave those looking for you, O Jehovah.+ ז [Za′yin] 11  Make melody, YOU people, to Jehovah, who is dwelling in Zion;+ Tell among the peoples his deeds.+ 12  For, when looking for bloodshed,+ he will certainly remember those very ones;+ He is sure not to forget the outcry of the afflicted ones.+ ח [Chehth] 13  Show me favor, O Jehovah; see my affliction by those hating me,+ O you who are lifting me up from the gates of death,+ 14  In order that I may declare all your praiseworthy deeds+ In the gates+ of the daughter of Zion,+ That I may be joyful in your salvation.+ ט [Tehth] 15  The nations have sunk down into the pit that they have made;+ In the net+ that they hid, their own foot has been caught.+ 16  Jehovah is known by the judgment that he has executed.+ By the activity of his own hands the wicked one has been ensnared.*+ Hig·ga′ion.* Se′lah. י [Yohdh] 17  Wicked+ people will turn back to She′ol,*+ Even all the nations forgetting God.*+ 18  For not always will the poor one be forgotten,+ Nor will the hope of the meek ones ever perish.+ כ [Kaph] 19  Do arise, O Jehovah! Let not mortal man prove superior in strength.+ Let the nations be judged before your face.+ 20  Do put fear into them,* O Jehovah,+ That the nations may know that they are but mortal men.+ Se′lah.


“Upon Muth-labben.” Heb., ʽal·muth′ lab·ben′, an unexplained Heb. expression, but translated by some as “concerning the death of the son.”
In M this psalm is linked with Ps 10 in alphabetic, or acrostic, arrangement with some letters omitted.
Or, “forever and ever.”
“Productive land.” Heb., te·vel′; LXX, “the inhabited earth”; Vg, “the circle,” that is, of the earth.
“Has been ensnared,” by a change of vowel pointing; M, “is entrapping.”
“Higgaion.” A technical musical term, the meaning of which is uncertain.
“Sheol,” MTSy; Gr., hai′den; Lat., in·fer′num. See App 4B.
“God.” Heb., ʼElo·him′.
“Do put a curse upon them,” by a correction of M.