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Psalm 78:1-72

Masʹkil.* Of Aʹsaph.+ 78  Do give ear, O my people, to my law;+ Incline YOUR ear to the sayings of my mouth.+   In a proverbial saying I will open my mouth;+ I will cause riddles of long ago to bubble forth,+   Which we have heard and know,+ And which our own fathers have related to us;+   Which we do not hide from their sons,+ Relating [them] even to the generation to come,+ The praises of Jehovah and his strength+ And his wonderful things that he has done.+   And he proceeded to raise up a reminder in Jacob,+ And a law he set in Israel,+ Things that he commanded our forefathers,+ To make them known to their sons;+   In order that the generation to come, the sons that were to be born, might know [them],+ That they might rise up and relate [them] to their sons,+   And that they might set their confidence in God* himself+ And not forget the practices of God*+ but observe his own commandments.+   And they should not become like their forefathers,+ A generation stubborn and rebellious,+ A generation who had not prepared their heart+ And whose spirit was not trustworthy with God.*+   The sons of Eʹphra·im, though armed shooters of the bow,+ Retreated in the day of fight.+ 10  They did not keep the covenant of God,*+ And in his law they refused to walk.+ 11  They also began to forget his dealings+ And his wonderful works that he caused them to see.+ 12  In front of their forefathers he had done marvelously+ In the land of Egypt,+ the field of Zoʹan.+ 13  He split the sea, that he might let them pass over,+ And he caused the waters to stand like a dam.+ 14  And he continued to lead them with a cloud by day+ And the whole night with a light of fire.+ 15  He proceeded to split rocks in the wilderness,+ That he might cause [them] to drink an abundance just like watery deeps.*+ 16  And he went bringing forth streams out of a crag+ And causing waters to descend just like rivers.+ 17  And they kept sinning still more against him+ By rebelling against the Most High in the waterless region;+ 18  And they proceeded to test God* in their heart+ By asking for something to eat for their soul.+ 19  So they began to speak against God.*+ They said: “Is God able to arrange a table in the wilderness?”+ 20  Look! He struck a rock+ That waters might flow and torrents themselves might flood forth.+ “Is he able also to give bread itself,+ Or can he prepare sustenance for his people?”+ 21  That was why Jehovah heard and began to be furious;+ And fire itself was kindled against Jacob,+ And anger also ascended against Israel.+ 22  For they did not put faith in God,+ And they did not trust in salvation by him.+ 23  And he proceeded to command the cloudy skies above, And he opened the very doors of heaven.+ 24  And he kept raining upon them manna to eat,+ And the grain of heaven he gave to them.+ 25  Men* ate the very bread of powerful ones;*+ Provisions he sent them to satisfaction.+ 26  He began making an east wind burst forth in the heavens+ And making a south wind blow by his own strength.+ 27  And he proceeded to make sustenance rain upon them just like dust,+ Even winged flying creatures just like the sand grains of the seas.+ 28  And he kept making [them] fall in the middle of his camp,+ All around his tabernacles.+ 29  And they went eating and satisfying themselves very much,+ And what they desired he proceeded to bring to them.+ 30  They had not turned aside from their desire, While their food was yet in their mouth,+ 31  When God’s wrath itself ascended against them.+ And he went killing among their stout ones;+ And the young men of Israel he made collapse. 32  Despite all this they sinned some more+ And did not put faith in his wonderful works.+ 33  So he brought their days to an end as if a mere exhalation,+ And their years by the disturbance. 34  As often as he killed them, they also inquired for him,+ And they returned and looked for God.*+ 35  And they began to remember that God* was their Rock,+ And that God the Most High was their Avenger.+ 36  And they tried to fool him with their mouth;+ And with their tongue they tried to lie to him.+ 37  And their heart was not steadfast with him;+ And they did not prove faithful in his covenant.+ 38  But he was merciful;+ he would cover the error+ and not bring ruin.+ And many times he made his anger turn back,+ And he would not rouse up all his rage. 39  And he kept remembering that they were flesh,+ That the spirit* is going forth and does not come back.+ 40  How often they would rebel against him in the wilderness,+ They would make him feel hurt in the desert!+ 41  And again and again they would put God* to the test,+ And they pained even the Holy One of Israel.+ 42  They did not remember his hand,+ The day that he redeemed them from the adversary,+ 43  How he put his signs in Egypt itself+ And his miracles in the field of Zoʹan;+ 44  And how he began changing to blood their Nile canals,+ So that they could not drink from their own streams.+ 45  He proceeded to send upon them gadflies, that these might eat them up;+ And frogs, that these might bring them to ruin.+ 46  And he began to give to the cockroaches their yield, And their toil to the locusts.+ 47  He went killing their vine even by the hail+ And their sycamore trees by hailstones.+ 48  And he proceeded to hand over their beasts of burden even to the hail+ And their livestock to the flaming fever. 49  He went sending upon them his burning anger,+ Fury and denunciation and distress,+ Deputations of angels bringing calamity.+ 50  He proceeded to prepare a pathway for his anger.+ He did not hold back their soul from death itself; And their life he handed over even to the pestilence.*+ 51  Finally he struck down all the firstborn in Egypt,+ The beginning of their generative power* in the tents of Ham.+ 52  Afterward he caused his people to depart just like a flock,+ And conducted them like a drove in the wilderness.+ 53  And he kept leading them in security, and they felt no dread;+ And the sea covered their enemies themselves.+ 54  And he proceeded to bring them to his holy territory,+ This mountainous region that his right hand acquired.+ 55  And because of them he gradually drove out the nations,+ And by the measuring line he went allotting them an inheritance,+ So that he caused the tribes of Israel to reside in their own homes.*+ 56  And they began to test and rebel against God the Most High,+ And his reminders they did not keep.+ 57  They also kept turning back and acting treacherously like their forefathers;+ They turned around like a loose bow.+ 58  And they kept offending him with their high places,+ And with their graven images they kept inciting him to jealousy.+ 59  God heard+ and got to be furious,+ And so he contemned Israel very much.+ 60  And he finally forsook the tabernacle of Shiʹloh,+ The tent in which he resided among earthling men.+ 61  And he proceeded to give his strength even to captivity+ And his beauty into the hand of the adversary.+ 62  And he kept handing over his people to the sword itself,+ And against his inheritance he became furious.+ 63  His young men a fire ate up, And his virgins were not praised.*+ 64  As for his priests, they fell by the very sword,+ And their* own widows did not give way to weeping.+ 65  Then Jehovah* began to awake as from sleeping,+ Like a mighty one sobering up from wine.+ 66  And he went striking down his adversaries from behind;+ A reproach of indefinite duration he gave to them.+ 67  And he proceeded to reject the tent of Joseph;+ And the tribe of Eʹphra·im he did not choose.+ 68  But he chose the tribe of Judah,+ Mount Zion, which he loved.+ 69  And he began to build his sanctuary just like the heights,+ Like the earth that he has founded to time indefinite.+ 70  And so he chose David his servant+ And took him from the pens of the flock.+ 71  From following the females giving suck+ He brought him in to be a shepherd over Jacob his people+ And over Israel his inheritance.+ 72  And he began to shepherd them according to the integrity of his heart,+ And with the skillfulness of his hands he began leading them.+


See 32:Sup ftn.
“In God.” Heb., vEʼ·lo·himʹ.
“God.” Heb., ʼEl.
“God.” Heb., ʼEl.
“God.” Heb., ʼElo·himʹ.
Or, “just like surging waters.” Heb., kith·ho·mohthʹ. See 33:7 ftn, “Waters.”
“God.” Heb., ʼEl.
“Against God.” Heb., bEʼ·lo·himʹ.
“Men.” Heb., ʼish.
“Powerful ones,” that is, superhuman ones. Heb., ʼab·bi·rimʹ; LXXSyVg, “angels”; T, “(that descended from) the habitation of angels.”
“God.” Heb., ʼEl.
“God.” Heb., ʼElo·himʹ.
Or, “a wind.” Heb., ruʹach.
“God.” Heb., ʼEl.
Or, “(bubonic) plague.”
Lit., “of generative powers,” M; Sy, “of their offspring”; TLXXVg, “of their labor(s).”
Lit., “tents.”
“Praised,” that is, in wedding songs.
“Their,” LXXSyVg; MT, “his.”
One of 134 scribal changes from YHWH to ʼAdho·naiʹ. See App 1B.