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Psalm 72:1-20

Regarding Solomon. 72  O God, give your own judicial decisions to the king,+ And your righteousness to the son of the king.+   May he plead the cause of your people with righteousness+ And of your afflicted ones with judicial decision.+   Let the mountains carry peace to the people,+ Also the hills, through righteousness.   Let him judge the afflicted ones of the people,+ Let him save the sons of the poor one, And let him crush the defrauder.   They will* fear you as long as there is a sun,*+ And before the moon for generation after generation.*+   He will descend like the rain upon the mown grass,+ Like copious showers that wet the earth.*+   In his days the righteous one* will sprout,+ And the abundance of peace until the moon is no more.*+   And he will have subjects from sea to sea+ And from the River*+ to the ends of the earth.+   Before him the inhabitants of waterless regions* will bow down,+ And his very enemies will lick the dust itself.+ 10  The kings of Tarʹshish and of the islands*+ Tribute they will pay.+ The kings of Sheʹba and of Seʹba— A gift they will present.+ 11  And to him all the kings will prostrate themselves;+ All the nations, for their part, will serve him.+ 12  For he will deliver the poor one crying for help,+ Also the afflicted one and whoever has no helper.+ 13  He will feel sorry for the lowly one and the poor one,+ And the souls of the poor ones he will save.+ 14  From oppression and from violence he will redeem their soul, And their blood will be precious in his eyes.+ 15  And let him live,+ and to him let some of the gold of Sheʹba be given.+ And in his behalf let prayer be made constantly; All day long let him be blessed.+ 16  There will come to be plenty of grain on the earth;+ On the top of the mountains there will be an overflow.+ His fruit will be as in Lebʹa·non,+ And those who are from the city will blossom like the vegetation of the earth.+ 17  Let his name prove to be to time indefinite;+ Before the sun let his name have increase, And by means of him let them bless themselves;+ Let all nations pronounce him happy.+ 18  Blessed be Jehovah God, Israel’s God,+ Who alone is doing wonderful works.+ 19  And blessed be his glorious name to time indefinite,+ And let his glory fill the whole earth.+ Amen and Amen.* 20  The prayers of David, the son of Jesʹse,+ have come to their end.


Or, “Let them.”
Lit., “fear you with the sun.”
Lit., “generation of generations.”
Lit., “a wetting (moistening) of the earth.”
“The righteous one,” M; LXXSyVg and three Heb. mss, “righteousness.”
According to M; T, “until the servants of the moon are destroyed.”
“River,” MLXXSyVg; T, “Euphrates.”
Or, “the demons.”
Or, “coastlands.”
See 41:13 ftn.