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Psalms 58:1-11

To the director. “Do not bring to ruin.” Of David. Mik′tam.* 58  [In YOUR] silence can YOU really speak about righteousness itself?+ Can YOU judge in uprightness itself, O YOU sons of men?*+   How much, rather, do YOU with the heart practice outright unrighteousness in the earth,+ [And] prepare the road for the very violence of YOUR hands!+   The wicked ones have been perverts from the womb;+ They have wandered about from the belly onward; They are speaking lies.+   The venom of theirs is like the venom of the serpent,+ Deaf like the cobra that stops up its ear,+   That will not listen to the voice of charmers,+ Though someone wise is binding with spells.*+   O God, knock out their teeth in their mouth.+ Break down the very jawbones of maned young lions, O Jehovah.   May they dissolve as into waters that go their way;+ May he bend [the bow for] his arrows as they collapse.+   Like a snail melting away he walks;* Like a miscarriage of a woman they will certainly not behold the sun.+   Before YOUR pots feel the [kindled] bramble,+ The live green as well as the burning, he will carry them off as a stormy wind.+ 10  The righteous one will rejoice because he has beheld the vengeance.+ His steps he will bathe in the blood of the wicked one.+ 11  And mankind will say:+ “Surely there is fruitage for the righteous one.+ Surely there exists a God that is judging* in the earth.”+


See 16:Sup ftn.
Or, “earthling man.” Heb., ʼa·dham′.
See App 7A regarding cobras responding to sound.
Or, “leaving a slimy track.”
“That is judging.” Heb., sho·phetim′, pl. to agree with ʼElo·him′, “God,” which is pl. to denote excellence and grandeur; LXXSyVg make the participle sing., “that is judging them.”