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Psalms 49:1-20

To the director. Of the sons of Ko′rah.+ A melody. 49  Hear this, all YOU peoples. Give ear, all YOU inhabitants of the system of things,*+   YOU sons of humankind* as well as YOU sons of man,* You rich one and you poor one together.+   My own mouth will speak things of wisdom,+ And the meditation of my heart will be of things of understanding.+   To a proverbial utterance I shall incline my ear;+ On a harp I shall open up my riddle.+   Why should I be afraid in the days of evil,+ [When] the very error of my supplanters* surrounds me?+   Those who are trusting in their means of maintenance,+ And who keep boasting about the abundance of their riches,+   Not one of them* can by any means redeem even a brother,+ Nor give to God a ransom for him;*   (And the redemption price of their* soul is so precious+ That it has ceased to time indefinite)   That he should still live forever [and] not see the pit.+ 10  For he sees that even the wise ones die,+ Together the stupid one and the unreasoning one perish,+ And they must leave to others their means of maintenance.+ 11  Their inward wish* is that their houses may be to time indefinite,+ Their tabernacles to generation after generation.+ They have called their landed estates by their names.+ 12  And yet earthling man,* though in honor, cannot keep lodging;+ He is indeed comparable with the beasts that have been destroyed.*+ 13  This is the way of those who have stupidity,+ And of those coming after them who take pleasure in their very mouthings.* Se′lah. 14  Like sheep they have been appointed* to She′ol itself;+ Death itself will shepherd* them;+ And the upright ones will have them in subjection in the morning,+ And their forms* are due to wear away;+ She′ol rather than a lofty abode is for each one.*+ 15  However, God himself will redeem my soul from the hand of She′ol,+ For he will receive me. Se′lah. 16  Do not be afraid because some man gains riches,+ Because the glory of his house increases,+ 17  For at his death he cannot take along anything at all;+ His glory will not go down along with him himself.+ 18  For during his lifetime he kept blessing his own soul;+ (And people will laud you because you do well for yourself)+ 19  [His soul]* finally comes only as far as the generation of his forefathers.+ Nevermore will they see the light.+ 20  Earthling man, although in honor, who does not understand,*+ Is indeed comparable with the beasts that have been destroyed.+


Or, “the duration of life.” Heb., cha′ledh.
“Humankind.” Heb., ʼa·dham′.
“Man.” Heb., ʼish.
“Supplanters,” by a change of vowel pointing; M, “heels.”
“One of them.” Heb., ʼish.
Or, “a ransom for himself.” Lit., “his cover.” Heb., koph·roh′.
“Their,” MSy; LXXVg, “his.”
“Their inward wish,” M; LXXSyVg, “Their graves.”
“And yet earthling man.” Heb., weʼa·dham′.
Or, “silenced.”
Lit., “mouth.”
Lit., “they have appointed [them].” By a correction of the verb, “they will descend (drop).”
Or, “pasture [tend].”
“Their rock,” Mmargin.
Or, “for him,” that is, for each one in the group.
Lit., “it,” fem., referring to the “soul.”
“Who does not understand,” M; by altering the Heb. verb form in harmony with vs 12a, “even does not keep lodging.”