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Jehovah’s Witnesses

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Psalm 35:1-28

Of David. 35  Do conduct my case, O Jehovah,* against my opponents;+War against those warring against me.+   Take hold of buckler and large shield,+And do rise up in assistance of me,+   And draw spear and double ax to meet those pursuing me.+Say to my soul: “I am your salvation.”+   May those be shamed and humiliated who are hunting for my soul.+May those be turned back and be abashed who are scheming calamity for me.+   May they become like chaff before the wind,+And let Jehovah’s angel be pushing [them] along.+   Let their way become darkness and slippery places,+And let Jehovah’s angel be pursuing them.   For without cause they have hid for me their netted pit;+Without cause they have dug it for my soul.*+   Let ruin come upon him without his knowing,+And let his own net that he hid catch him;+With ruin let him fall into it.+   But let my own soul be joyful in Jehovah;+Let it exult in his salvation.+ 10  Let all my bones themselves say:+“O Jehovah, who is there like you,+Delivering the afflicted one from one stronger than he is,+And the afflicted and poor one from the one robbing him?”+ 11  Violent witnesses rise up;+What I have not known they ask me.+ 12  They reward me with bad for good,+Bereavement to my soul.+ 13  As for me, when they became ill, my clothing was sackcloth,+With fasting I afflicted my soul,+And upon my bosom my own prayer would return.+ 14  As for a companion, as for a brother of mine,+I walked about like one mourning for a mother.+Saddened, I bowed down. 15  But at my limping they rejoiced and gathered together;+They gathered together against me,+Striking [me] down when I did not know it;+They ripped [me] to pieces and did not keep silent.+ 16  Among the apostate mockers for a cake*+There was a grinding* of their teeth even against me.+ 17  O Jehovah,* how long will you keep seeing [it]?+Do bring back my soul from their ravages,+Even my only one*+ from the maned young lions. 18  I will laud you in the big congregation;*+Among a numerous people I shall praise you.+ 19  O may those who for no reason are my enemies not rejoice over me;+As for those hating me without cause, let them not wink the eye.+ 20  For it is not peace that they speak;+But against the quiet ones of the earthThings of deception they keep scheming.+ 21  And they open wide their mouth even against me.+They have said: “Aha! Aha! our eye has seen [it].”+ 22  You have seen, O Jehovah.*+ Do not keep silent.*+O Jehovah,* do not keep yourself far from me.+ 23  Do arouse yourself* and awake to my judgment,+O my God, even Jehovah,* to my case at law.+ 24  Judge me according to your righteousness, O Jehovah* my God,+And may they not rejoice over me.+ 25  O may they not say in their heart: “Aha, our soul!”*+May they not say: “We have swallowed him up.”+ 26  Let those be ashamed and abashed all together+Who are joyful at my calamity.+Let those be clothed with shame+ and humiliation who are assuming great airs against me.+ 27  Let those cry out joyfully and rejoice who are delighting in my righteousness,+And let them say constantly:+“Let Jehovah* be magnified, who takes delight in the peace of his servant.”+ 28  And let my own tongue utter in an undertone your righteousness,+All day long your praise.+


See App 1C §10.
“For my soul.” Heb., lenaph·shiʹ; Gr., psy·khenʹ; Lat., aʹni·mam. See App 4A.
“The apostate mockers for a cake,” that is, ungodly buffoons.
“There was a grinding.” In Heb. this is a verb in the infinitive absolute, indefinite as to time and impersonal.
One of 134 scribal changes from YHWH to ʼAdho·naiʹ. See App 1B.
“My only one,” fem., referring to “my soul,” fem.
“In the big congregation.” Heb., beqa·halʹ rav; Gr., ek·kle·siʹai; Lat., ec·cleʹsi·a.
See App 1C §10.
Or, “Do not be deaf.”
See vs 17 ftn, “Jehovah.”
LXX adds “O Jehovah.”
See vs 17 ftn, “Jehovah.”
See App 1C §10.
That is, ‘What our souls wanted!’
See App 1C §10.