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Online Bible


Psalms 33:1-22

33  Cry out joyfully, O YOU righteous ones, because of Jehovah.+ On the part of the upright ones praise is fitting.+   Give thanks to Jehovah on the harp;+ On an instrument of ten strings+ make melody to him.   Sing to him a new song;+ Do YOUR best at playing on the strings along with joyful shouting.+   For the word of Jehovah is upright,+ And all his work is in faithfulness.+   He is a lover of righteousness and justice.+ With the loving-kindness of Jehovah the earth is filled.+   By the word of Jehovah the heavens themselves were made,+ And by the spirit* of his mouth all their army.+   He is gathering as by a dam* the waters of the sea,+ Putting in storehouses the surging waters.*   Let all [those of] the earth* be in fear of Jehovah.+ At him let all the inhabitants of the productive land* be frightened.+   For he himself said, and it came to be;+ He himself commanded, and it proceeded to stand so.+ 10  Jehovah himself has broken up the counsel of the nations;+ He has thwarted the thoughts of the peoples.+ 11  To time indefinite the very counsel of Jehovah will stand;+ The thoughts of his heart are to one generation after another generation.+ 12  Happy is the nation whose God* is Jehovah,+ The people whom he has chosen as his inheritance.+ 13  From the heavens Jehovah has looked,+ He has seen all the sons of men.*+ 14  From the established place where he dwells*+ He has gazed at all those dwelling on the earth. 15  He is forming their hearts all together;*+ He is considering all their works.+ 16  There is no king saved by the abundance of military forces;+ A mighty man himself is not delivered by the abundance of power.+ 17  The horse is a deception for salvation,+ And by the abundance of its vital energy it does not afford escape.+ 18  Look! The eye of Jehovah is toward those fearing him,+ To those waiting for his loving-kindness,+ 19  To deliver their soul from death itself,+ And to preserve them alive in famine.+ 20  Our very soul has been in expectation of Jehovah.+ Our helper and our shield he is.+ 21  For in him our heart rejoices;+ For in his holy name we have put our trust.+ 22  Let your loving-kindness, O Jehovah, prove to be upon us,+ Even as we have kept waiting for you.+


Or, “and by the breath.” Heb., u·veru′ach; Gr., pneu′ma·ti; Lat., spi′ri·tu. See Ge 6:17 ftn, “Active.”
“Skin bottles,” in agreement with LXXSyVg.
“The surging waters.” Heb., tehoh·mohth′, pl. of tehohm′; LXXVg, “abysses.” See Ge 1:2 and ftn, “Deep.”
Lit., “all the earth,” but accompanied by a masc. pl. verb. Compare Ge 10:25 ftn, “Earth.”
“The productive land.” Heb., the·vel′; LXX, “the inhabited earth”; Lat., or′bem, “circle,” that is, of the earth.
“Whose God.” Heb., ʼElo·hav′.
Or, “mankind.” Heb., ha·ʼa·dham′.
Lit., “place of his dwelling.”
Or, “at one (the same) time.”