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Psalms 31:1-24

To the director. A melody of David. 31  In you, O Jehovah,* have I taken refuge.+ O may I never be ashamed.+ In your righteousness provide escape for me.+   Incline to me your ear.+ Deliver me speedily.+ Become for me a rocky stronghold,+ A house of strongholds to save me.+   For you are my crag and my stronghold;+ And for the sake of your name+ you will lead me and conduct me.+   You will bring me out of the net that they have hidden for me,+ For you are my fortress.+   Into your hand I entrust my spirit.+ You have redeemed me,+ O Jehovah* the God of truth.*+   I do hate those paying regard to worthless, vain idols;*+ But as for me, in Jehovah* I do trust.+   I will be joyful and rejoice in your loving-kindness,*+ In that you have seen my affliction;+ You have known about the distresses of my soul,+   And you have not surrendered me into the hand of the enemy.+ You have made my feet stand in a roomy place.+   Show me favor, O Jehovah,* for I am in sore straits.+ With vexation my eye has become weak,+ my soul and my belly.+ 10  For with grief my life has come to an end,+ And my years in sighing.+ Because of my error my power has stumbled,+ And my very bones have become weak.+ 11  From the standpoint of all those showing hostility to me+ I have become a reproach,+ And to my neighbors very much so,+ And a dread to my acquaintances.+ When seeing me out of doors, they have fled from me.+ 12  Like someone dead [and] not in the heart, I have been forgotten;+ I have become like a damaged* vessel;+ 13  For I have heard the bad report by many,+ Fright being on all sides.+ When they mass together as one against me,+ It is to take away my soul* that they do scheme.+ 14  But I—in you I have put my trust, O Jehovah.+ I have said: “You are my God.”*+ 15  My times are in your hand.+ Deliver me from the hand of my enemies and from those pursuing me.+ 16  Do cause your face to shine upon your servant.+ Save me in your loving-kindness.+ 17  O Jehovah, may I not be ashamed, for I have called on you.+ May the wicked ones be ashamed;+ May they keep silent in She′ol.+ 18  May false lips become speechless,+ That are speaking against the righteous one,+ unrestrainedly in haughtiness and contempt.+ 19  How abundant your goodness is,+ which you have treasured up for those fearing you!+ [Which] you have rendered to those taking refuge in you, In front of the sons of men.*+ 20  You will conceal them in the secret place of your person*+ From the banding together of men.*+ You will hide them in your booth from the quarreling of tongues.+ 21  Blessed be Jehovah,*+ For he has rendered wonderful loving-kindness+ to me in a city under stress.+ 22  As for me, I said when I became panicky:+ “I shall certainly be exterminated from in front of your eyes.”+ Surely you have heard the voice of my entreaties when I cried to you for help.+ 23  O love Jehovah,* all YOU loyal ones of his.+ The faithful ones Jehovah* is safeguarding,+ But he is rewarding exceedingly anyone showing haughtiness.+ 24  Be courageous, and may YOUR heart be strong,+ All YOU who are waiting for Jehovah.*+


See App 1C §10.
See App 1C §10.
“The God of truth.” Or, “the true God.” Heb., ʼEl ʼemeth′.
Lit., “vanities.”
See App 1C §10.
Or, “loyal love.”
See App 1C §10.
Or, “missing.”
Or, “my life.” Heb., naph·shi′; Gr., psy·khen′; Lat., a′ni·mam.
“My God.” Heb., ʼElo·hai′.
Or, “earthling men.” Heb., ʼa·dham′.
Lit., “face.” Compare 2Sa 17:11 ftn, “Person.”
“Men.” Heb., ʼish.
See App 1C §10.
See App 1C §10.
See App 1C §10.
See App 1C §10.