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Psalms 30:1-12

A melody. A song of inauguration of the house.+ Of David. 30  I shall exalt you, O Jehovah,* for you have drawn me up+ And you have not let my enemies rejoice over me.+   O Jehovah* my God, I cried to you for help, and you proceeded to heal me.+   O Jehovah, you have brought up my soul from She′ol* itself;+ You have kept me alive, that I should not go down into the pit.+   Make melody to Jehovah,* O YOU loyal ones of his,+ Give thanks to his holy memorial;*+   Because being under his anger is for a moment,+ Being under his goodwill is for a lifetime.+ In the evening weeping may take up lodging,+ but in the morning there is a joyful cry.+   As for me, I have said in my ease:+ “Never shall I be made to totter.”+   O Jehovah,* in your goodwill you have made my mountain to stand in strength.+ You concealed your face; I became one that is disturbed.+   To you, O Jehovah,* I kept calling;+ And to Jehovah* I kept making entreaty for favor.+   What profit is there in my blood when I go down to the pit?*+ Will the dust laud you?+ Will it tell of your trueness?*+ 10  Hear, O Jehovah,* and show me favor.+ O Jehovah,* prove yourself my helper.+ 11  You have changed my mourning into dancing for me;+ You have loosened my sackcloth, and you keep me girded with rejoicing,+ 12  In order that [my] glory* may make melody to you and not keep silent.+ O Jehovah* my God, to time indefinite I will laud you.+


See App 1C §10.
See App 1C §10.
“Sheol.” Heb., sheʼohl′; Gr., hai′dou; Lat., in·fer′no. See App 4B.
See App 1C §10.
“To his holy memorial.” Lit., “for memorial (mention) of his holiness.” Heb., leze′kher qodh·shoh′.
See App 1C §10.
See App 1C §10.
One of 134 scribal changes from YHWH to ʼAdho·nai′. See App 1B.
“Pit.” Heb., sha′chath; T, “heart of the grave”; LXXSyVg, “corruption.”
Or, “truthfulness; truth.”
See App 1C §10.
See App 1C §10.
“My glory,” LXXVg.
See App 1C §10.