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Psalms 17:1-15

A prayer of David. 17  Do hear what is righteous, O Jehovah; do pay attention to my entreating cry;+ Do give ear to my prayer without lips of deception.+   From before you may my judgment go forth;+ May your own eyes behold uprightness.+   You have examined my heart, you have made inspection by night,+ You have refined me; you will discover [that] I have not schemed.+ My mouth will not transgress.+   As for the activities of men,* By the word of your lips I myself have watched against the paths of the robber.+   Let my steps take hold* on your tracks,+ [In which] my footsteps will certainly not be made to totter.+   I myself do call upon you, because you will answer me, O God.*+ Incline your ear to me. Hear my saying.+   Make your acts of loving-kindnesses* wonderful,+ O Savior of those seeking refuge From the revolters against your right hand.+   Keep me as the pupil of the eyeball,+ In the shadow of your wings may you conceal me,+   Because of the wicked who have despoiled me. The enemies against my soul themselves keep closing in upon me.+ 10  They have enclosed [themselves] with their own fat;+ With their mouth they have spoken in haughtiness;+ 11  As regards our steps, now they have surrounded us;+ They fix their eyes to incline to the earth.+ 12  His likeness is that of a lion that yearns to tear to pieces+ And that of a young lion sitting in concealed places. 13  Do rise up, O Jehovah; do confront him to the face;+ Make him bow down; do provide escape for my soul from the wicked one with your sword,+ 14  From men, [by] your hand, O Jehovah,+ From men of [this] system+ of things,* whose share is in [this] life,+ And whose belly you fill with your concealed treasure,+ Who are satisfied with sons+ And who do lay up for their children what they leave over.+ 15  As for me, in righteousness I shall behold your face;+ I will be satisfied when awakening [to see] your form.*+


Lit., “earthling man.” Heb., ʼa·dhamʹ.
Lit., “Let there be a taking hold by my steps.” The Heb. verb in this phrase is in the infinitive absolute, indefinite as to time and impersonal.
“God.” Heb., ʼEl.
Lit., “your loving-kindnesses.”
“Of [this] system of things.” Or, “of the duration of life.” Heb., me·cheʹledh.
Or, “awakening as to your form,” M; by a correction, “looking at your form”; LXX, “your glory is seen.”