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Jehovah’s Witnesses

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Psalm 126:1-6

A Song of the Ascents. 126  When Jehovah gathered back the captive ones* of Zion,+We became like those who were dreaming.+   At that time our mouth came to be filled with laughter,+And our tongue with a joyful cry.+At that time they proceeded to say among the nations:+“Jehovah has done a great thing in what he has done with them.”*+   Jehovah has done a great thing in what he has done with us.*+We have become joyful.+   Do gather back, O Jehovah, our company of captives,*+Like streambeds in the Negʹeb.*+   Those sowing seed with tears+Will reap even with a joyful cry.+   The one that without fail goes forth, even weeping,+Carrying along a bagful of seed,+Will without fail come in with a joyful cry,+Carrying along his sheaves.+


Or, “the captivity; the body of captives.”
Or, “Jehovah has done great things for them.”
See vs 2 ftn.
Or, “our captivity.”
Or, “the south.”