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Numbers 26:1-65

26  And it came about after the scourge,*+ that Jehovah went on to say this to Moses and El·e·a′zar the son of Aaron the priest:  “TAKE the sum of the whole assembly of the sons of Israel from twenty years of age and upward, according to the house of their fathers, all those going out to the army in Israel.”+  And Moses and El·e·a′zar+ the priest proceeded to speak with them in the desert plains of Mo′ab+ by the Jordan at Jer′i·cho,+ saying:  “[Take the sum of them] from the age of twenty years and upward, just as Jehovah had commanded Moses.”+ Now the sons of Israel who went out of the land of Egypt were:  Reu′ben, Israel’s firstborn;+ Reu′ben’s sons: Of Ha′noch+ the family of the Ha′noch·ites; of Pal′lu+ the family of the Pal′lu·ites;  of Hez′ron+ the family of the Hez′ron·ites; of Car′mi+ the family of the Car′mites.  These were the families of the Reu′ben·ites, and their registered ones amounted to forty-three thousand seven hundred and thirty.+  And the son* of Pal′lu was E·li′ab.  And the sons of E·li′ab: Nem′u·el and Da′than and A·bi′ram. This Da′than+ and A·bi′ram+ were summoned ones of the assembly, who engaged in a struggle against Moses and Aaron in the assembly of Ko′rah,+ when they engaged in a struggle against Jehovah. 10  Then the earth opened its mouth and swallowed them up.+ As for Ko′rah, [he died] at the death of the assembly when the fire consumed two hundred and fifty men.*+ And they came to be a symbol.+ 11  However, the sons of Ko′rah did not die.+ 12  The sons of Sim′e·on+ by their families: Of Nem′u·el*+ the family of the Nem′u·el·ites; of Ja′min+ the family of the Ja′min·ites; of Ja′chin+ the family of the Ja′chin·ites; 13  of Ze′rah* the family of the Ze′rah·ites; of Sha′ul+ the family of the Sha·u′lites. 14  These were the families of the Sim′e·on·ites: twenty-two thousand two hundred.+ 15  The sons of Gad+ by their families: Of Ze′phon* the family of the Ze′phon·ites; of Hag′gi the family of the Hag′gites; of Shu′ni the family of the Shu′nites; 16  of Oz′ni* the family of the Oz′nites; of E′ri the family of the E′rites; 17  of Ar′od* the family of the Ar′od·ites; of A·re′li+ the family of the A·re′lites. 18  These were the families of the sons of Gad, of their registered ones: forty thousand five hundred.+ 19  The sons of Judah+ were Er+ and O′nan.+ However, Er and O′nan died in the land of Ca′naan.+ 20  And the sons of Judah came to be, by their families: Of She′lah+ the family of the She·la′nites; of Pe′rez+ the family of the Per′e·zites; of Ze′rah+ the family of the Ze′rah·ites. 21  And the sons of Pe′rez came to be: Of Hez′ron+ the family of the Hez′ron·ites; of Ha′mul+ the family of the Ha·mu′lites. 22  These were the families of Judah,+ of their registered ones: seventy-six thousand five hundred.+ 23  The sons of Is′sa·char+ by their families were: Of To′la+ the family of the To′la·ites; of Pu′vah the family of the Pu′nites; 24  of Ja′shub* the family of the Jash′u·bites; of Shim′ron+ the family of the Shim′ron·ites. 25  These were the families of Is′sa·char, of their registered ones: sixty-four thousand three hundred.+ 26  The sons of Zeb′u·lun+ by their families were: Of Se′red the family of the Ser′e·dites; of E′lon the family of the E′lon·ites; of Jah′le·el+ the family of the Jah′le·el·ites. 27  These were the families of the Ze·bu′lu·nites, of their registered ones: sixty thousand five hundred.+ 28  The sons of Joseph+ by their families were Ma·nas′seh and E′phra·im.+ 29  The sons of Ma·nas′seh+ were: Of Ma′chir+ the family of the Ma′chir·ites. And Ma′chir became father to Gil′e·ad.+ Of Gil′e·ad the family of the Gil′e·ad·ites. 30  These were the sons of Gil′e·ad: Of Ie′zer+ the family of the Ie′zer·ites; of He′lek the family of the He′lek·ites; 31  of As′ri·el the family of the As′ri·el·ites; of She′chem the family of the She′chem·ites; 32  of She·mi′da+ the family of the She·mi′da·ites; of He′pher+ the family of the He′pher·ites. 33  Now Ze·lo′phe·had the son of He′pher proved to have no sons, but daughters,+ and the names of the daughters of Ze·lo′phe·had were Mah′lah and Noah, Hog′lah, Mil′cah and Tir′zah.+ 34  These were the families of Ma·nas′seh, and their registered ones were fifty-two thousand seven hundred.+ 35  These were the sons of E′phra·im+ by their families: Of Shu′the·lah+ the family of the Shu′thel·a′hites; of Be′cher the family of the Be′cher·ites; of Ta′han+ the family of the Ta′han·ites. 36  And these were the sons of Shu′the·lah: Of E′ran the family of the E′ran·ites. 37  These were the families of the sons of E′phra·im,+ of their registered ones: thirty-two thousand five hundred. These were the sons of Joseph by their families.+ 38  The sons of Benjamin+ by their families were: Of Be′la+ the family of the Be′la·ites; of Ash′bel+ the family of the Ash′bel·ites; of A·hi′ram* the family of the A·hi′ram·ites; 39  of She·phu′pham* the family of the Shu′pham·ites; of Hu′pham*+ the family of the Hu′pham·ites. 40  The sons of Be′la came to be Ard and Na′a·man:+ [Of Ard]* the family of the Ard′ites; of Na′a·man the family of the Na′a·mites. 41  These were the sons of Benjamin+ by their families, and their registered ones were forty-five thousand six hundred.+ 42  These were the sons of Dan+ by their families: Of Shu′ham* the family of the Shu′ham·ites. These were the families of Dan+ by their families. 43  All the families of the Shu′ham·ites, of their registered ones, were sixty-four thousand four hundred.+ 44  The sons of Ash′er+ by their families were: Of Im′nah+ the family of the Im′nites; of Ish′vi+ the family of the Ish′vites; of Be·ri′ah the family of the Be·ri′ites; 45  of the sons of Be·ri′ah: Of He′ber the family of the He′ber·ites; of Mal′chi·el+ the family of the Mal′chi·el·ites. 46  And the name of Ash′er’s daughter was Se′rah.+ 47  These were the families of the sons of Ash′er,+ of their registered ones: fifty-three thousand four hundred.+ 48  The sons of Naph′ta·li+ by their families were: Of Jah′ze·el+ the family of the Jah′ze·el·ites; of Gu′ni+ the family of the Gu′nites; 49  of Je′zer+ the family of the Je′zer·ites; of Shil′lem+ the family of the Shil′lem·ites. 50  These were the families of Naph′ta·li+ by their families, and their registered ones were forty-five thousand four hundred.+ 51  These were the registered ones of the sons of Israel: six hundred and one thousand seven hundred and thirty.+ 52  After that Jehovah spoke to Moses, saying: 53  “To these the land should be apportioned for an inheritance by the number of the names.+ 54  According to the great number you should increase one’s inheritance, and according to the fewness you should reduce one’s inheritance.+ Each one’s inheritance should be given in proportion to his registered ones. 55  Only by the lot+ should the land be apportioned. According to the names of the tribes of their fathers they should get an inheritance. 56  By the determination of the lot one’s inheritance should be apportioned between the many and the few.” 57  Now these were the registered ones of the Levites+ by their families: Of Ger′shon+ the family of the Ger′shon·ites; of Ko′hath+ the family of the Ko′hath·ites; of Me·rar′i+ the family of the Me·rar′ites. 58  These were the families of the Levites:* the family of the Lib′nites,+ the family of the He′bron·ites,+ the family of the Mah′lites,+ the family of the Mu′shites,+ the family of the Ko′rah·ites.+ And Ko′hath+ became father to Am′ram.+ 59  And the name of Am′ram’s wife was Joch′e·bed,+ Le′vi’s daughter, whom his wife bore* to Le′vi in Egypt. In time she bore to Am′ram Aaron and Moses and Mir′i·am their sister.+ 60  Then there were born to Aaron Na′dab and A·bi′hu,+ El·e·a′zar and Ith′a·mar.+ 61  But Na′dab and A·bi′hu died for their presenting illegitimate fire before Jehovah.+ 62  And their registered ones amounted to twenty-three thousand, all males from a month old and upward.+ For they did not get registered in among the sons of Israel,+ because no inheritance was to be given to them in among the sons of Israel.+ 63  These were the ones registered by Moses and El·e·a′zar the priest when they registered the sons of Israel in the desert plains of Mo′ab by the Jordan at Jer′i·cho.+ 64  But among these there did not prove to be a man of those registered by Moses and Aaron the priest when they registered the sons of Israel in the wilderness of Si′nai.+ 65  For Jehovah had said concerning them: “They will die without fail in the wilderness.”+ So there was not left of them a man except Ca′leb the son of Je·phun′neh and Joshua the son of Nun.+


M ends chapter 25 here with the foregoing clause as vs 19.
“Son,” Vg; MSamLXXSy, “sons.”
“Then the earth opened its mouth and the earth swallowed them up, when the assembly died, when the fire consumed Korah and two hundred and fifty men,” Sam.
“Jemuel” in Ge 46:10; Ex 6:15.
“Zohar” in Ge 46:10; Ex 6:15.
“Ziphion” in Ge 46:16.
“Ezbon” in Ge 46:16.
“Arodi” in Ge 46:16.
“Iob” in Ge 46:13.
“Ehi” in Ge 46:21.
“Muppim” in Ge 46:21; “Shuppim” in 1Ch 7:12.
“Huppim” in Ge 46:21.
“[Of Ard],” in agreement with SamLXXVg.
“Hushim” in Ge 46:23.
“The Levites,” Sy; MVg, “Levi”; LXX, “the sons of Levi.”
“Daughter who proceeded to bear these,” LXX; SyVg, “daughter who was born.”