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Lamentations 4:1-22

א [ʼA′leph] 4  O how the gold that shines becomes dim, the good gold!*+ O how the holy stones*+ are poured out at the head of all the streets!+ ב [Behth]   As for the precious sons of Zion,+ those who were weighed against refined gold,* O how they have been reckoned as large jars of earthenware, the work of the hands of a potter!+ ג [Gi′mel]   Even jackals themselves have presented the udder. They have suckled their cubs. The daughter of my people becomes cruel,+ like ostriches in the wilderness.+ ד [Da′leth]   The tongue of the suckling has cleaved to its palate because of thirst.+ Children themselves have asked for bread.+ There is no one dealing [it] out to them.+ ה [Heʼ]   The very ones that were eating pleasant things have been struck with astonishment in the streets.+ The very ones that were being reared in scarlet+ have had to embrace ash heaps.+ ו [Waw]   The [punishment for the] error of the daughter of my people also becomes greater than the [punishment for the] sin of Sod′om,+ Which was overthrown as in a moment, and to which no hands turned [helpfully].+ ז [Za′yin]   Her Naz′i·rites+ were purer than snow;+ they were whiter than milk. They were in fact more ruddy+ than corals; their polish was as the sapphire.+ ח [Chehth]   Their aspect has become darker than blackness itself. They have not been recognized in the streets.+ Their skin has shriveled upon their bones.+ It has become just as dry as a tree. ט [Tehth]   Better have those slain with the sword+ proved to be than those slain by famine,+ Because these pine away,* pierced through for lack of the produce of the open field. י [Yohdh] 10  The very hands of compassionate women have boiled their own children.+ They have become as bread of consolation to one during the breakdown of the daughter of my people.+ כ [Kaph] 11  Jehovah has accomplished his rage.+ He has poured out his burning anger.+ And he sets a fire ablaze in Zion, which eats up her foundations.+ ל [La′medh] 12  The kings of the earth and all the inhabitants of the productive land* had not believed+ That the adversary and the enemy would come into the gates of Jerusalem.+ מ [Mem] 13  Because of the sins of her prophets, the errors of her priests,+ There were in the midst of her those pouring out the blood of righteous ones.+ נ [Nun] 14  They have wandered about as blind+ in the streets.+ They have become polluted with blood,+ So that none are able to touch their garments.+ ס [Sa′mekh] 15  “Get out of the way! Unclean!”+ they have called out to them. “Get out of the way! Get out of the way! Do not touch!”+ For they have gone homeless.+ They have also wandered about.+ People have said among the nations: “They will not reside again as aliens.+ פ [Peʼ] 16  The face of Jehovah has divided them up.+ He will not look upon them again.+ Men will certainly show no consideration even for the priests.+ They will certainly show no favor even to the old men.”+ ע [ʽA′yin] 17  While we yet are, our eyes keep pining away in vain for assistance to us.+ During our looking about we have looked out to a nation that can bring no salvation.+ צ [Tsa·dheh′] 18  They have hunted our steps+ so that there is no walking in our public squares. Our end has drawn near. Our days have come to their full, for our end has come.+ ק [Qohph] 19  Swifter than the eagles of the heavens our pursuers have proved to be.+ Upon the mountains they have hotly pursued us.+ In the wilderness they have lain in wait for us.+ ר [Rehsh] 20  The very breath* of our nostrils,+ the anointed one* of Jehovah,*+ has been captured in their large pit,+ The one of whom we have said: “In his shade+ we shall live among the nations.”+ ש [Sin] 21  Exult and rejoice,+ O daughter of E′dom,+ dwelling as you do in the land of Uz.+ To you also the cup* will pass along.+ You will become drunk and show yourself in nakedness.+ ת [Taw] 22  Your error, O daughter of Zion, has come to its finish.+ He will not* carry you off into exile again.+ He has turned his attention to your error, O daughter of E′dom. He has uncovered your sins.+


Or, “O how the gold [Heb., za·hav′] becomes dim, how the good gold [Heb., hak·ke′them] changes!” See Job 28:16, 17 ftns.
Or, “the stones of the sanctuary.”
“Against refined gold.” Heb., bap·paz′.
Lit., “flow forth,” evidently figuratively.
“The productive land.” Heb., the·vel′; LXX, “the inhabited earth”; Lat., or′bis, “the circle,” that is, of the earth.
Or, “spirit (wind).” Heb., ru′ach; Gr., pneu′ma; Lat., spi′ri·tus.
“Anointed one of.” Heb., meshi′ach; Gr., khri·stos′; Syr., meshi·cheh; Lat., chri′stus.
“The anointed Lord,” LXXBagsterVg.
“The cup,” MSyVg; T, “the cup of cursing”; LXX, “the cup of Jehovah.”
Or, “No one will.”