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Judges 10:1-18

10  Now after A·bim′e·lech there rose up to save+ Israel To′la the son of Pu′ah, the son of Do′do, a man of Is′sa·char, and he was dwelling in Sha′mir in the mountainous region of E′phra·im.+  And he continued to judge Israel for twenty-three years, after which he died and was buried in Sha′mir.  Then after him Ja′ir the Gil′e·ad·ite+ rose up, and he continued to judge Israel for twenty-two years.  And he came to have thirty sons who rode on thirty full-grown asses,+ and they had thirty cities.* These they continue to call Hav′voth-ja′ir*+ down to this day; they are in the land of Gil′e·ad.  After that Ja′ir died and was buried in Ka′mon.  And the sons of Israel again proceeded to do what was bad in the eyes of Jehovah,+ and they began to serve the Ba′als+ and the Ash′to·reth+ images and the gods of Syria+ and the gods of Si′don+ and the gods of Mo′ab+ and the gods of the sons of Am′mon+ and the gods of the Phi·lis′tines.+ So they left Jehovah and did not serve him.+  At this Jehovah’s anger blazed against Israel,+ so that he sold+ them into the hand of the Phi·lis′tines+ and into the hand of the sons of Am′mon.+  Hence they shattered and heavily oppressed the sons of Israel in that year—for eighteen years all the sons of Israel that were on the side of the Jordan in the land of the Am′or·ites that was in Gil′e·ad.  And the sons of Am′mon would cross the Jordan to fight even against Judah and Benjamin and the house of E′phra·im; and Israel was greatly distressed.+ 10  And the sons of Israel began to call to Jehovah for aid,+ saying: “We have sinned+ against you, because we have left our God and we serve the Ba′als.”+ 11  Then Jehovah said to the sons of Israel: “Was it not from Egypt+ and from the Am′or·ites+ and from the sons of Am′mon+ and from the Phi·lis′tines+ 12  and the Si·do′ni·ans+ and Am′a·lek+ and Mid′i·an,*+ when they oppressed YOU+ and YOU went crying out to me, that I proceeded to save YOU out of their hand? 13  As for YOU, YOU abandoned me+ and took up serving other gods.+ That is why I shall not save YOU again.+ 14  Go and call for aid to the gods*+ whom YOU have chosen.+ Let them be the ones to save YOU in the time of YOUR distress.” 15  But the sons of Israel said to Jehovah: “We have sinned.+ You yourself do to us according to anything that is good in your eyes.+ Only deliver us, please, this day.”+ 16  And they began to remove the foreign gods from their midst+ and to serve Jehovah,+ so that his soul+ became impatient because of the trouble of Israel.+ 17  In time the sons of Am′mon+ were called together and pitched camp in Gil′e·ad.+ So the sons of Israel gathered themselves together and pitched camp in Miz′pah.+ 18  And the people and the princes of Gil′e·ad began to say to one another: “Who is the man that will take the lead in fighting against the sons of Am′mon?+ Let him become the head of all the inhabitants of Gil′e·ad.”+


“Cities,” LXXSyVg; M, “full-grown asses.”
Meaning “Tent Villages of Jair.”
“Midian,” LXX; M, “Maon”; Vg, “Canaan.”
“The gods.” Heb., ha·ʼelo·him′; Gr., the·ous′; Lat., de′os.